DeWalt 20V Max Adhesive Gun

DeWalt 20V MAX Adhesive Gun

The new DeWalt 20V Max adhesive gun models will make sealing and gluing in automotive and construction applications much easier. These guns can be used with various adhesives such as latex, silicone, polyurethane, flexible epoxy, and more.

DeWalt Adhesive Gun Key Features

The most useful feature might be Anti-Drip. If you’ve used a manual caulk gun, you know you need to release the pressure before you finish the run to prevent drips – and you still keep a paper towel next to you just in case. When the user releases the trigger on the DeWalt cordless adhesive guns, Anti-Drip automatically retracts the plunging rod.

Other notable features include a variable speed trigger and variable speed dial for speed adjustments during operation, trigger lock, tool-free canister change, a hang hook, and a bright LED work light at the foot of the tool. With a rubber over-mold and ergonomic grip, the tools are certain to be comfortable to use and easy to hold.  The DeWalt 20V MAX adhesive guns are available kitted with 1 battery and charger or as a bare tool. A clear 300 ml/600 ml sausage tube accessory (sold separately) is also available.

The 20V Max adhesive gun is available in 3 canister sizes: 10 oz/300 ml (DCE560), 29 oz (DCE570), or 300-600 ml Sausage Tube (DCE580).

“Standard caulk guns fatigue hands pretty quick with the constant squeezing required. Battery power is kind of expensive for the DIYer on these, but for the Pro that needs them frequently it’s a lifesaver… well, hand saver.”

Kenny Koehler, PTR Managing Editor

DeWalt 20V Max Adhesive Gun Options

DeWalt DCE560 (10 oz/300 mL)

  • Weight: 4.06 pounds
  • Maximum Speed: 21 inches per minute
  • Bare Tool: $209.99 (DCE560B)
  • Kit with Compact Battery: $289.99 (DCE560D1)

DeWalt DCE570 (29oz/600 mL)

  • Weight: 4.66 pounds
  • Maximum Speed: 21 inches per minute
  • Bare Tool: $229.99 (DCE570B)
  • Kit with Compact Battery: $299.99 (DCE570D1)

DeWalt DCE580 (300 – 600 mL Sausage Tube)

  • Weight: Not yet available
  • Maximum Speed: Not yet available
  • Bare Tool: $219 (DCE580B)
  • Kit with Compact Battery: $299 (DCE580D1)

The Bottom Line

If you haven’t used a cordless adhesive gun yet, you’re missing out. The Anti-Drip feature is certainly nice and it’s something we’ve seen on another model we reviewed. The reality with thicker adhesives is that you have to apply so much pressure to get them moving that you’ll still get some dripping even when the plunger backs off. We’ll have to wait and see if DeWalt’s is more effective in that regard.

Plenty of features are found on these models to keep the Pro’s attention. The hook is a must-have along with the combination of a variable speed dial and trigger. Three canister sizes is certainly welcome to fit the most common needs. It looks like DeWalt has included their typical excellent handle form, so expect the ergonomics to be solid.

DeWalt 20V Max Adhesive Gun Features

DeWalt 20V MAX Adhesive Guns profile
  • Can be used with various adhesives including latex, silicone, polyurethane, flexible epoxy and more
  • Available in three canister sizes
  • Anti-Drip feature for less mess and waste
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Variable speed dial
  • Trigger lock
  • Tool-free canister change
  • Rubber over-mold ergonomic grip
  • LED work light

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