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DeWalt Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil

DeWalt Designs Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil To Reduce Environmental Pollution And Maximize Chain Life

Conventional chainsaw oils may be on their last leg. With more and more companies opting to produce biodegradable, eco-friendly products, older versions are saying goodbye and making way for more environmentally friendly options. DeWalt is one of these companies, revealing its USA-produced biodegradable chainsaw oil (DXCC1201). Are you ready to make the switch?

DeWalt Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil: The Big Deal

One of the issues with conventional petroleum-based chainsaw oil is that it is non-recyclable. DeWalt is addressing this by designing its oil using North American-grown plant oils. This design contributes to lower pollution output than conventional petroleum-based products. In fact, DeWalt’s chainsaw lubricant contains no petroleum-based oils or metal-based additives.

DeWalt’s biodegradable chainsaw oil is a USDA-certified biobased product. The USDA’s BioPreferred Program acts as an incentive for more companies to produce eco-friendly products like this one since it requires federal agencies to give preference to biobased products for federally funded projects.

This particular oil is even suitable for use around waterways and other environmentally-sensitive areas.

Now let’s get into the features of the oil itself. You may be wondering if you’ll have to change the type of chainsaw you use in order to use this biodegradable oil. Well, there’s some good news on that front— it’s compatible with both gas and battery-operated chainsaws.

DeWalt also claims it’s a commercial-quality lubricant. It has a flash point above 500° F and a -15° F pour point, which means you can expect temperature stability, even in extreme conditions. Additionally, it’s high tack so you don’t have to worry about oil sling at high speeds.

Additional Features

  • Produced in the USA
  • Commercial-grade
  • All-season
  • Up to 300% higher viscosity index than conventional petroleum chainsaw oils

DeWalt Biodegradable Chainsaw Oil Price

Grab a quart for $10.99 on Acme Tools and give it a shot. It is also available at various other online and brick-and-mortar retailers.


  • Model: DeWalt DXCC1201
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Country of origin: USA

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