May 18, 2021

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Festool Edge Sanding Guide

Festool Edge Sanding Guide

Sand Any Edge or Angle with Precision

Coming in October, Festool has a solution to maximize your precision and efficiency with sanding projects. The Festool Edge Sanding Guide attaches to Festool corded and cordless sanders to provide woodworkers, trim carpenters, and painters control over sanding surface edges and angles.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Festool 205316
  • Improves finish results on edges and angles while avoiding tilting
  • Features soft and hard modes
  • Sets and holds angles with tool-free adjustment and lock system
  • Rapid abrasive changes
  • Replaceable base runner pads
  • Works with edges from 3/16–2-3/8″ and angles from 43° to 92°, curves in contour, and sanding near to edges of inner corners
  • Compatible with the 5″ ETS 125 REQ random orbit sander and ETSC 125 cordless sander
  • Price: $99

    Sand Edges with Confidence

    The Festool Edge Sanding Guide works with both the corded 5-inch Festool ETS 125 REQ random orbit sander and Festool ETSC 125 cordless sander to provide consistent pressure and contact to any surface edges. It doesn’t matter if the edge is straight, curved, square, angled, painted, or unfinished, the attachment reduces tipping and excess sanding for consistent finishes.

    Festool Edge Sanding Guide

    The Festool Edge Sanding Guide replaces the standard sanding block to work with edges on small and large workpieces. You can quickly and tool-lessly adjust and lock the attachment to work with edges from 3/16″ to 2-3/8″, and angles between 43° and 92°.

    The Festool Edge Sanding Guide features both a Hard and a Soft mode to tackle both curves in contour and the edges of inner corners. The Hard Mode keeps the sander in a fixed position while the Soft Mode adapts to the angle of the workpiece.

    Festool Edge Sanding Guide

    The guide is easy to attach and comfortable to use with its multiple gripping positions. It allows for rapid paper changes, and with replaceable base runner pads, you won’t have to worry about inadvertently damaging sensitive workpieces. By Festool’s estimation, the Edge Sanding Guide lets Pros complete jobs in about half the time it would normally take.

    This product seems to come full circle. For the entry-level user, it could mean the difference between accuracy and frustration when sanding lots of edges. Pros may feel they already have a technique that works. The Edge Sanding Guide might, however, improve productivity for Pros who can use the tool to speed up these tasks. In some of the shops we work with, several tools will stay configured for particular jobs so no reconfiguring is needed to accomplish a particular project step. We could see a Festool ETS 125 REQ dedicated to edge-sanding.

    Price and Availability

    Expect the Festool Edge Sanding Guide to hit stores in early October. The kit comes with base runners and a hex key, and it will retail for $99.

    For more information about the attachment, visit Festool by clicking here.

    Festool Edge Sanding Guide Specs

    • Model: Festool 205316
    • Product Type: Sander accessory
    • Angle Adjustment: 43° – 92°
    • Edge Height: 3/16 in. – 2-3/8 in. (5-60mm)
    • Works With: Festool ETS/ETSC 125 sanders
    • Price: $99

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