September 26, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Manufacturer: Crescent

We review the most recent Crescent tools to let you know which ones stand out from the competition and serve automotive technicians and DIY applications the best.

Crescent Circular Saw Blades

Crescent NailSlicer, FineCut, and SteelSlicer Blades Cut to the Chase Pros need their circular saw blades to be strong, sharp, reliable, and efficient. But, according to Crescent, plenty of trade professionals will settle for imprecise blades that wear down quickly or warp under extreme use. Crescent NailSlicer, FineCut, and SteelSlicer Circular Saw Blades are designed […]

Crescent Screw Biter Extraction Screwdriver

Crescent Screw Biter Screwdrivers Remove Mangled and Corroded Screws Working with damaged and frozen screws is just part of the job for any professional working in the trades. An impact screwdriver makes for a great solution to the problem. The Crescent Screw Biter Extraction Screwdriver delivers impact screwdriver functionality in a familiar form factor. It […]

Crescent Wiss M1P Aviation Snips Feature

Crescent Aviation Snips Expand HVAC Line

Upgraded Crescent Aviation Snips Give HVAC Pros More Options Crescent has upgraded the line of tradesman aviation snips with new handle colors and a black oxide coating. They claim these black oxide-coated compound Crescent aviation snips will deliver over half a million cuts. That’s enough to complete over 700 residential HVAC installs. Crescent Aviation Snips: […]

Crescent Z2 Pliers Feature 2

Crescent Z2 Pliers | Better Features, Excellent Value

When we got our hands on the latest Crescent Z2 pliers, we wanted to know what set them apart from the other high-quality options on the market. In short, it’s all about the features, and it’s not all bells and whistles. In designing the Z2 series, Crescent started where it matters most—with the people that […]

Crescent Chrome Power Tapes

Crescent Power Tapes Easier to Carry and Easier to Read Crescent Tools has launched another tape measure line under the Lufkin brand. The Crescent Lufkin Chrome Power Tapes feature some aesthetic design changes that make these tape measures easier to read and easier to carry. Crescent Chrome Power Tapes: The Big Deal The Chrome Power […]

Crescent Multi-Bit Screwdrivers Lineup

These Crescent Screwdrivers That Have the Right Bits on Hand You can waste a bunch of time and energy trying to track down the right screwdriver, moving back-and-forth between tools, or you could opt for a tool with all of the right bits for the job. Crescent multi-bit screwdrivers give you a lot of bit […]

Crescent Bolt Biter Extraction Tools

Crescent Bolt Biter Sockets Remove Rusted and Rounded Fasteners Your standard nut drivers work well when your fastener situation is ideal, but what about when they’re not at their best? The Crescent Bolt Biter Impact Bolt Extractors can reliably remove rusted and rounded-out nuts and bolts, no matter how damaged they are. What is Crescent […]

Crescent Apex eSHOK-GUARD

Crescent Apex eSHOK-GUARD Bit Holders and Socket Isolators

eSHOK-GUARD Accessories Give Pros Protection Up to 1,500 Volts According to Crescent, 54% of Pros work around live electricity every single day. On top of that, 62% use battery-powered impact tools to carry out their electrical work and 87% have been shocked while on construction sites. That’s a lot of electrical hazards. Because so much […]

Crescent JOBOX Site-Vault Series

Crescent JOBOX Site-Vault Series

Crescent Sets New Site Storage Standards With Jobox The security of your onsite storage is important. Between standing up to the elements and jobsite theft, your on-site storage needs to be able to keep your tools and personal effects safe. That’s why Crescent has incorporated next-gen security features into the user-friendly line of Jobox Site-Vault […]

Crescent Pocket Knives

Crescent Pocket Knives | 4 Stylish Models

Will One of These Crescent Pocket Knives Become Your Next EDC? For some of us, a pocket knife could well be the only tool that we have on hand all day, every day. For that reason, we like our every-day-carry (EDC) to be strong, sharp, and safe. With that in mind, the Crescent line of […]