March 7, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Manufacturer: Empire Level

Empire Level US manufacturing tour

Empire Level Manufacturing Tour in Milwaukee

It doesn’t feel all that long ago that Milwaukee Tool acquired Empire Level. Since then, business has soared, and Empire has put out more successful products than ever before. Getting to see how tools get made remains one of the best things we get to do in this line of work. You can certainly watch “How […]

How to Make a Perfect Cross Cut

How to Make a Perfect Cross Cut: Pro Tip Video

One of the things we love about apprenticeship is the idea that seasoned veterans pass on knowledge to the new guys. And let’s face it – we’re constantly learning new things! In this video, we look at how to make a perfect cross cut. So set up your sawhorses and grab a scrap piece of […]

Empire Level 10-Inch Magnetic Dual-Pitch Torpedo Level

Empire 10-inch Magnetic Torpedo Level Review

The last time I reviewed a level for these pages it was the unique Ox Tools Trade Wood 48-inch level made from bamboo. Today, we’ll shrink the scale down to the Empire 10-inch magnetic torpedo level with a more traditional constitution. Masons more commonly use longer levels, but sometimes a tight space or close quarters work calls for […]

Empire Level Tape Measures Upgraded

Empire Level tape measures have recently been upgraded with the introduction of a new series of autolock and chrome designs. All new tape measures feature a nylon-coated blade, reinforced 5-screw housing, a marking surface, and a belt clip. The autolock series also includes an auto locking brake and fractional printing. Empire Level tape measures are […]

Empire Level e105 Digital Levels

Empire Level e105 Digital Level

Empire Level recently introduced the first auto-calibrated digital levels with the new Empire Level e105 digital level lineup.  Whereas existing digital levels require manual calibration which takes time and invites inaccuracy, these True Blue box levels feature seven auto-calibrated measuring display modes: degree-tenths, degree-hundredths, mm/M or percentage, or rough-in mode measurements in degrees, in/ft. fractions or in/ft. […]

Empire Level Torpedo Levels

New Empire Level Torpedo Levels Coming

Empire Level recently introduced five new Next Generation Empire Level Torpedo Levels. The new offering includes a 10-inch True Blue torpedo level, a 10-inch True Blue torpedo level with Dual Pitch, 9-inch magnetic reinforced torpedo level, a 12-inch magnetic reinforced tool box torpedo level, as well a metric version of the 12-inch (30.48-cm). The two 10-inch […]

Empire E75 Series True Blue I-Beam Level

Empire e75.72 72-Inch Box Level

For as long as builders have wanted their structures to stay upright they’ve wanted their materials to be level. Ancient Egyptians used an A-frame tool with a plumb line to find horizontal level. Then around 1661, Melchisedech Thevenot invented the spirit level – so named for the alcohol in the vial – that used a bubble to indicate levelness. […]

Empire Level e75 Series True Blue Box Levels application

Empire Level e75 Series True Blue Box Levels

Set to launch this July is Empire’s e75 Series True Blue Box Levels. The incoming class is the latest upgrade to Empire’s line of Pro-level True Blue measuring instruments and joins the e55 series we reviewed back in March as the most advanced from the popular brand. The new Empire Level e75 Series True Blue Box Levels […]