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Manufacturer: Estwing

Best Framing Nailer Shootout and Review: Pneumatic and Cordless

Best Framing Nailer Reviews and Head-to-Head Results 2021

Finding the best framing nailer for your work means different things to different Pros. Are you a framer or a remodeler? Is price the biggest issue, or is it driving power, weight, or recoil? No matter what your priorities, chances are our Pro team has considered it in this head-to-head review. Of course, we put […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Estwing Framing Nailer

21° Estwing Framing Nailer Review – EFR2190

Framing can be tough work, but like any other job, having the right tools helps. But how to go about settling on that “right” tool? With so many varieties on the market, we can struggle to figure out which model suits our needs best. That’s why we grabbed both pneumatic and cordless models from a […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Estwing AL-Pro Shot Hammer

Estwing AL-Pro Shot Hammer Review

You may have seen some of the dead-blow hammers and mallets running around. When you strike an object, especially something hard, shot inside deadens the blow. This is in contrast to the vibration and bounce back you get from a traditional model. Now we have the Estwing AL-Pro Shot Hammer. This is a different application […]

Estwing Pneumatic Tools and Accessories

Estwing Pneumatic Tools and Accessories

Having been around since the early 1920s, Estwing is probably best known for their hammers, hatchets, and tomahawks. At least those were the first products that came to mind around here. This year, the first line of Estwing Pneumatic Tools and Accessories are making their way to stores. Estwing has partnered with Prime Global Products to to […]

Hammers laid out

Holding Out for the Best Framing Hammer

Arguably one of the oldest tools known to humanity is the hammer—the irony being that we are still trying to come up with new ways to improve it. While it might be a prehistoric tool, there is no way it is going to go extinct any time soon since most homes (at least in this […]

Estwing Tactical Hammer and Black Eagle Axe

A few Estwing Tactical Hammers and Black Eagle Axes were smuggled out of the STAFDA show by secret envoy (OK, actually they just gave them to us to check out). They’re super light and include a side nail puller and a magnetic nail starter at the top of the 13 ounce milled or smooth face. A […]

Estwing No 1 Hatchet head

Old Tools – Estwing No 1 Hatchet

This is a Vintage Estwing S No. 1 Hatchet with a matching Estwing sheath. The hatchet, which was (and is still) made in the USA, has beautiful leather grips that are custom wound by hand. When new, the 3-1/4″ head and handles were fully polished and the steel was forged in one piece. The total length of the tool is 14 inches and it weighs around 2 pounds. What gets us about this hatchet is that Estwing still makes it! It’s now dubbed their “Sportsman’s Axe”. They also have a line of leather carpenter’s hatchets which are nearly identical, except that they changed the head so that you can choke up on it and use it as a knife. These are tools that practically define the word “durable” and “long-lasting” and it’s great to see a decades-old hatchet still running strong.