Manufacturer: Estwing

Estwing No 1 Hatchet head

Old Tools – Estwing No 1 Hatchet

This is a Vintage Estwing S No. 1 Hatchet with a matching Estwing sheath. The hatchet, which was (and is still) made in the USA, has beautiful leather grips that are custom wound by hand. When new, the 3-1/4″ head and handles were fully polished and the steel was forged in one piece. The total length of the tool is 14 inches and it weighs around 2 pounds. What gets us about this hatchet is that Estwing still makes it! It’s now dubbed their “Sportsman’s Axe”. They also have a line of leather carpenter’s hatchets which are nearly identical, except that they changed the head so that you can choke up on it and use it as a knife. These are tools that practically define the word “durable” and “long-lasting” and it’s great to see a decades-old hatchet still running strong.