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Review9.6(out of 10)
Greenlee Step Bits Review

Greenlee Step Bits Review | Split-Steps for Smoother Drilling

Progressive Split-Step Design Sets Greenlee Step Bits Apart Step bits are one of those accessories we don’t see a ton of leaps and bounds from in terms of innovation. When they do, it’s a big deal. It’s been a weird year on several fronts, and the fact that several brands have introduced new ones has […]

Greenlee CS-8000 Circuit Tracer

How Circuit Breaker Finders Work

Having looked at the best circuit breaker finders and tracers, we also wanted to cover how circuit breaker finders work. Some readers (perhaps even some electricians) may not know what really goes on under the hood of these tools. For most of us, the little plastic boxes seem like magic. They can peer into walls […]

Greenlee GRE-6 Cable Termination Tool

Greenlee GRE-6 Cable Termination Tool | A Tool for All Occasions

The Greenlee GRE-6: One Electrical Tool to Rule Them All If you look for versatility in your electrical tools, the Greenlee GRE-6 Interchangeable Head 6-in-1 Cable Termination Tool has you covered. This 6-ton hydraulic tool has six interchangeable tool head options to cut wire, crimp connectors, and punch electrical boxes. Cut, Crimp, Punch The Greenlee […]

best circuit breaker finders tracers

Best Circuit Breaker Finders and Tracers Tested

As an electrician, I have some opportunities to work on some great commercial job sites. When I say “great” I mean intensely complex and challenging. In comparison to some of those larger projects, residential remodels feel like a refreshing change of pace. It also lets me dust off and use some tools that have been […]

Greenlee G10 Tugger

Greenlee G10 10000-pound Tugger Heavy-Duty Cable Puller

Custom-Designed Motor Delivers Speed and Versatility We’ve seen how Greenlee has benefitted the world of cable pulling with the G1 1,000-pound cable puller. It provides speed and versatility to the often tedious job of pulling cable, and it allows for one-man operation. The Greenlee G10 Tugger offers a truly heavy-duty cable puller. A 2-speed custom-designed […]

Greenlee G1 Versi-Tugger Wire Puller spooling rope

Greenlee G1 Versi-Tugger 1000-lb Wire Puller Review

The compact Greenlee G1 Versi-Tugger 1,000-lb wire puller is an excellent wire pulling tool for jobs of 1,000-lbs or less.  When it first showed up, most of the crew was surprised by its size. If this diminutive puller could get the job done, it’d be superior to the bigger and heavier one we usually use. […]

Greenlee Reel-X Fish Tapes

Greenlee Reel-X Fish Tapes | First Look

Greenlee Reel-X Makes for Faster Fishing Emerson revealed a new line of fish tape that should significantly speed up productivity for electricians. The Greenlee Reel-X Fish Tape reduces tape friction to fish 2x faster when compared to traditional fish tapes. Fish Faster, Fish Easier So, if the electrical fish tape hasn’t significantly changed in decades, […]

Greenlee Gator Insulated 18V Hydraulic Cutting and Crimping Tools

Greenlee Gator Insulated 18V Hydraulic Cutting and Crimping Tools

Greenlee Gator Insulated Tools Make Cordless Convenience Safer for Electricians Greenlee announced the release of the new Gator Insulated Series of cutters and crimpers, designed to help protect electricians from up to 1000V. The crimpers are UL and cUL classified with seven major brands of lugs and splices, and the new battery-powered lineup promises to […]

Greenlee Nylon Fish Tape

Greenlee Nylon Fish Tape Review FTN536-100 – Low Friction Fishing

The Greenlee Nylon Fish Tape is a lightweight and low-friction fishing tool that excels in crowded conduit. We’ve run plenty of wire with it as we refurbished an old industrial building in Central Florida. Pros Thin, low-friction nylon slides easily past other wires in the conduit Textured case makes payout and rewind easier Lightweight Nylon’s […]

Greenlee and FSG Partner to Help Solve 500,000 Electrician Shortage

Greenlee and FSG Partner to Help Solve 500,000 Electrician Shortage

Greenlee and FSG Work Together to Provide Free Training for Future Electricians The shortage of electrical workers in the United States is well-known. Currently standing at a gap of 500,000, Greenlee is partnering with FSG to work GreenApple Labs into its free training program. As of right now, FSG has 200 students enrolled in their […]