Manufacturer: Klein

Our Klein Tool reviews are specifically tailored for electricians and journeymen. Pros really need to know whether a new tool works well on the job. When we test most Klein tools we put them into the hands of our electrician Pros. This gives us valuable feedback on how they perform. We also do in-house testing to verify manufacturers specs and claims. Hand tools like the Klein Tools 9-inch Journeyman diagonal-cutting pliers quickly become new staples. Other products like the Klein Tradesman Pro tool backpack appeal to a particular journeyman audience. New tools are also coming to market like the Klein Tools cross-line laser level which brings more under the Klein name. Klein Tool Reviews for Electricians and Journeymen Whether you’re a seasoned electrician or an apprentice looking to set up his first rig, Klein Tools make a lot of sense. Still, our in-depth reviews tell you the difference between the “me too” products and the real deals.

Klein Tools Illuminated LED Fish Rod Tips Preview

Klein Tools Illuminated LED Fish Rod Tips Preview

So check this out – Klein Tools just released an illuminated fish rod tip for its line of fish tapes (Cat. No. 56119). It features a bright white, omni-directional LED that can be used to illuminate the area when fishing above ceilings, in attics, through walls, in crawl spaces and under raised floors. What’s great is that this is an inline accessory, so it has a threaded base and tip that can allow for either a hook or bullet nose attachment to be connected. The ends are also both tapered so it shouldn’t create any issues or additional drag when pushing and pulling through conduit or other open spaces. And we thought glow rods were handy…

Klein J2000 Side-Cutting Lineman's Pliers Review

Klein J2000 Side-Cutting Linemans Pliers Review

If you ask ten electricians which company makes the best lineman’s pliers, all ten would say ‘Klein’ (trust me, I actually asked ten… and I’m an electrician). In fact, most electricians call any lineman’s pliers “Kleins” – though they probably shouldn’t. They have set the standard for lineman’s pliers in the way that Xerox set the standard for copying machines back in the day, or Kleenex did for tissues. Klein tools are on the top of the list for electrician’s tools because it’s their specialty – and when that’s all you do, you tend to get good at it. The Klein lineman’s pliers are said to be the best made. With all of the recent competition, and years of other manufacturers crafting competing products, we were curious to see if they still held the title.