October 27, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Manufacturer: Klein

Our Klein Tool reviews are specifically tailored for electricians and journeymen. Pros really need to know whether a new tool works well on the job. When we test most Klein tools we put them into the hands of our electrician Pros. This gives us valuable feedback on how they perform. We also do in-house testing to verify manufacturers specs and claims. Hand tools like the Klein Tools 9-inch Journeyman diagonal-cutting pliers quickly become new staples. Other products like the Klein Tradesman Pro tool backpack appeal to a particular journeyman audience. New tools are also coming to market like the Klein Tools cross-line laser level which brings more under the Klein name. Klein Tool Reviews for Electricians and Journeymen Whether you’re a seasoned electrician or an apprentice looking to set up his first rig, Klein Tools make a lot of sense. Still, our in-depth reviews tell you the difference between the “me too” products and the real deals.

Klein-Kurve Dual NM K1412 Wire Strippers/Cutters Review

Klein-Kurve Dual NM K1412 Wire Strippers Review

There’s something about having good hand tools. When you’ve got them, you never want to go back to anything less, and when you don’t have them, they really make an impact when you finally get to a point where you can put your hands on something that’s really designed well and performs perfectly for the job at hand. When we decided to rewire a two-story 1920 home in our neighborhood, it was obvious that the job would require great hand tools. For all of our wire stripping needs, we turned to Klein and their Klein-Kurve K1214 Dual NM (Non-Metal) Cable Strippers. These are reported to be among the best 12/2 and 14/2 wire strippers you’ll find on the market and they are something we see a lot of out in the work force.

Klein Tools 15' Glow Rod Set Review

Klein Glow Rods Review

Electricians use glow rods when they’re looking to pull wire from a crawlspace or from one open cavity to another. It’s a wonderful solution for easily identifying whether or not you’ve struck the right location when drilling a new entry point for 12/2 or other electrical wire, or when needing something a bit stiffer than Jet Line that can be sent “upwards” from below. It’s also world’s easier to manipulate than steel fish tape over shorter distances. If you’ve ever done electrical work, it’s likely that you’ve used a threaded rod system, but Klein’s 15′ Glow Rod set is particularly nice in that it has the added advantage of drawing attention to itself in the wall cavity through the use of luminescent rods.

Klein Tools 240' Stainless Steel Fish Tape Review

Klein Stainless Steel Fish Tape Review

Klein Tools are known for their durability, ergonomics and robustness. In fact, when you reach for a pair of Kleins, it’s a good thing if you have the name brand, but if you don’t – the company has so infiltrated the market that the entire genre of lineman’s pliers have been renamed to “Kleins” by most professionals and tradesmen. We’re not sure how the company feels about that, but it’s certainly a compliment by anybody who’s not a lawyer or trademark protector by trade. We ventured out and grabbed one of their High Strength Stainless Steel 240′ Fish Tapes for a recent rewiring job that we undertook on a 1920’s Colonial Style home. This home presented a tremendous amount of challenges to us for pulling wire from the crawl space to the second story attic.