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Manufacturer: Veto Pro Pac

Veto Pro Pac Tech OT-MC Tool Bag Video Review

Veto Pro Pac Tech OT-MC Tool Bag Video Review

Veto Pro Pac is known for their tougher-than-nails tool bag design that boasts as much function as you can hope for as a tradesman. But what does the Veto Pro Pac Tech OT-MC Tool Bag have to offer? It’s up to par when it comes to Veto’s reputation with a waterproof base, tough overmolded handle, […]

Veto Pro Pac Camo Tech Pac

Veto Pro Pac Camo Tech Pac Backpack

Veto Pro Pac recently partnered with TrueTimber to incorporate their Kanati Pattern into the Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac line of tool bags. The end result is an updated camo version of the Tech Pac. The Veto Pro Pac Camo Tech Pac Backpack continues in the Veto Pro Pac tradition of rugged utility, but with new […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT Tool Bag review

Veto Pro Pac Tech-MCT Tool Bag Review

Pro Tool Reviews is no stranger to the Veto Pro Pac brand of tool bags. They’re rugged, hold up well to hard use and abuse, and make for a heavy duty solution for tradesmen looking to match their particular needs. In the past we reviewed the Veto Pro Pac MC, the Veto Pro Tech Pac backpack, […]

Veto Pro Pac PB4 Parts Bags

Veto Pro Pac PB4 Parts Bags Preview

Veto Pro Pac has come out with four new parts bags that look like great additions to their line of tool bags. These new bags are 9-inches long and 5.5-inches in height. They’re pretty sturdy, made from 600 denier nylon fabric and should hold up well to wear and tear. In addition, these new Veto Pro Pac […]

Review9.3(out of 10)
Veto Pro Pac MC

Veto Pro Pac MC Review

Tool boxes. These are the things that keep us from walking back our truck, driving back to the shop, or worse yet, driving to the hardware store to get the tool we need to finish a job. They seem to come in two sizes: too big and too small. They seem too small when we […]

Veto Pro Pac MC

Veto Pro Pac MC Preview

VETO PRO PACK MC IS THE SMALLEST AND LIGHTEST TOOL BAG IN THE LINEUP Designed with job specificity in mind, the new Veto Pro Pac MC is the smallest and lightest tool bag offered from Veto. For professionals that are looking to set up job specific bags to grab and go, the MC is a […]

Veto Pro Pac Cargo Totes Preview

Two new Veto Pro Pac Cargo Totes offer wide mouth openings along with the durable design that it has built a reputation for. According to Veto Pro Pac founder, Roger Brouard, the new totes offer “a versatile storage solution for a wide variety of job site situations. They are perfect as a catch-all bag for raiding […]

Veto Pro Tech Pac open

Veto Pro Pac Tech Pac Backpack Tool Bag Review

We’ve checked out several Veto Pro Pac products in the past and found their tool bags to be incredibly rugged and durable. We’ve already looked at the Veto Pro Pac MC and found it to be exceptional, making us curious about any new product to cross the manufacturing line. They also do a great job of […]

Veto Tech Pac-1 Backpack

The Veto Tech Pac-1 has 47 pockets situated both inside and outside the pack, giving you tons of room for hand tools, meters, and even cordless drills and drivers. For plumbing and HVAC pros, bulkier items such as manifold gauges and hoses can also be stored within. The backpack also features an innovative quick release […]

Veto Pro Pac Debuts LT Laptop Bags

Veto Pro Pac LT Laptop Bags

We’ve been very impressed with Veto Pro Pac’s line of tool bags, having reviewed both the LC closed bag and the OT-XL open tool bag. The Veto Pro Pac tool bags are renowned for their unique fixed center panel design, durable construction… and weight. Boy are they heavy – but they can take almost any manner […]