March 7, 2021

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Metabo 10Ah LiHD Battery

Metabo 10Ah LiHD Battery

Metabo Busts Out the Big Battery

Metalworkers have a good chance of knowing Metabo for their fine cordless and corded handheld power tools. Now, however, others might come to know them for a super-high-capacity battery. The Metabo 10Ah LiHD Battery marks the next step forward in battery tech for the company. It looks like a giant leap forward in power density and we can’t help but want to see it up close.

10-Second Summary

  • Metabo 18V 10Ah LiHD Battery Pack
  • Ultimate performance and extremely long use with minimum temperature change
  • Air-cooled charging technology
  • Permanent electronic Electronic Single Cell Protection when charging
  • Processor-controlled charge and discharge management
  • Capacity display to permanently monitor charge status
  • Can be stored for long periods of time with almost no self-discharge
  • 100% compatible with all 18V machines and chargers from CAS partners
  • Price: £169 w/VAT in the UK (that would be $230 here)

Metabo 10Ah LiHD Battery

Metabo seems to have beaten other manufactures to the punch in taking the next step forward in battery technology. The 10Ah LiHD pack is the world’s most compact pack of this size we’re aware of. It uses the company’s latest High-Density lithium-ion cell technology to generate 5Ah per battery row. The result delivers around 25% more runtime to end-users compared to Metabo’s current 8Ah 2-row battery pack.

Even compared to many 3-row battery packs from competitors, this new cell offers more than 20% additional capacity. It goes without saying this new 10.0 Ah battery pack serves as the longest-running battery pack for Metabo.

Metabo LiHD batteries

10Ah Lithium-ion Internals

Ultra-M tech also implements the brand’s Air Cooled charging technology. Here, your productivity is increased as you can immediately place a hot battery on the charger. The charger’s built-in air-cooled system quickly cools the battery as the pack begins its charging cycle.

The Metabo 10Ah LiHD Battery features a permanent Electronic Single Cell Protection when charging, which is designed to extend the lifespan of the battery. It ensures that each cell in the pack charges and discharges evenly.

Metabo 10Ah LiHD Battery exploded view

Metabo Ultra-M Technology

Metabo Ultra-M technology extends the life of the battery so much so that Metabo can guarantee it for 3 years. How? Through intelligent battery management, the system ensures it doesn’t over-discharge the cells while it also manages heat on the pack.

Additional features include:

  • Busbars and larger contacts capable of handling high currents
  • 3x better conductivity thanks to improved copper alloy cell connectors
  • Additional active material in new 21700 cells delivers more runtime
  • Use of higher-quality silver and copper materials
  • Protection against internal contamination through complete grouting and full protective coating on the electronic components
  • Optimal seal on the top structure
  • Cells protected by a rubber buffer
  • Exterior rubber coating protects against impacts

CAS Compatibility

The Metabo 10Ah LiHD Battery remains fully compatible across all of the company’s 18V Ultra-M tools and chargers. It also, as you’d expect, remains fully compatible with all 18V machines and chargers from Cordless Alliance System (CAS) partners. This will likely not be a huge benefit for those of us stateside, but makes for a nice feature for our European friends.

Like most Lithium-ion battery technology, these new LiHD packs let you store the battery for long periods of time with almost no self-discharge.

Finally, Metabo has placed the capacity display on the front of the battery so that you have constant easy access to see where your charge level is at. Most manufacturers have adopted this layout already for its convenience, so we’re happy to see Metabo move in this direction as well.


Metabo announced the imminent arrival of the 10Ah LiHD battery. Look for it at authorized Metabo dealers. If UK pricing holds any influence, expect to pay somewhere around $230 for the pack.

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Big Richard

“The 10Ah LiHD pack is the world’s most compact pack of this size we’re aware of.” DeWalt also has a 10Ah pack, DCB210, it’s kitted with their new mowers. It also is a 10 cell 21700 based pack, it is physically larger than their other 10 cell 21700 based packs, the 6Ah DCB206 and 8Ah DCB208. In regards to this Metabo, it uses 25A cells which theoretically give the pack a max of around 900W, but with the extra cooling tech crammed in the pack they can get around 1000W. Not as high as the 5.5Ah (1500W) or 8.0Ah (1300W),… Read more »

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