Milwaukee Packout Customizable Work Top

Milwaukee Packout Work Top

Packout Lineup Gets Customizable Work Top Addition

The Milwaukee Packout system sees another expansion coming its way this Fall with the release of the Customizable Work Top. This work top secures to the top of your Packout stack to give you a sturdy surface to write, wire, or whatever else you’d need a smooth, clean surface for on the jobsite.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Milwaukee 48-22-8488
  • Customizable Wrok Top secures in place at the top of your Packout stack
  • 50 lb weight capacity
  • Constructed from impact-resistant polymers and 1/2″ marine-grade wood top
  • Fastener-ready design
  • Price: $49.99
  • Available October 2020

Portable Productivity

We love the Packout system for its rugged, organized, and versatile approach to lugging your tools on and off the jobsite. With the Milwaukee Customizable Work Top, your Packout stack can offer even more versatility with a surface you can get the job done on.

Milwaukee Packout Work Top

Milwaukee constructs the Work Top using impact-resistant polymers and a 1/2″ marine-grade wood top. Not only does this lend some durability to the piece, but in professions where you can’t always bank on having a clean, sturdy surface to work on, it gives you a dedicated area to write, wire, organize, and assemble.

Milwaukee Packout Work Top

The Milwaukee Packout Work Top comes fastener-ready, meaning that you can attach vices, chargers, and other items right to the top of the surface.

Like the rest of the Packout Modular Storage system, the Customizable Work Top features a quick attachment mechanism on the bottom to hold it securely in place on your stack of boxes, bags, drawers, radios, and vacs.

Pricing and Availablity

It’s clean, it’s simple, it’s functional, and it can complete your Packout stack beginning in October of 2020. Milwaukee tells us that it will retail for $49.99.

Milwaukee Packout Customizable Worktop Specs

  • Model: Milwaukee 48-22-8488
  • Weight Capacity; 50 lbs.
  • Wood Top: 1/2″ Marine Grade
  • Fastener-Ready
  • Price: $49.99
  • Available October 2020

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