Milwaukee Packout Radio and Charger Work Site Radio Reviews

Milwaukee Packout M18 Radio and Charger

One of the most exciting products to hit the Milwaukee Packout System in a while is the Milwaukee Packout M18 Radio and charger. This system seems to be all about the sound. The radio pushes a lot of output—and tons of bass comes from the Packout-sized radio. You can take it on the job site and fill a large space with decent quality music. This product seems fresh off the heels of the Milwaukee M18/M12 wireless jobsite speaker.

10-Second Summary

Hearing the Milwaukee Packout Radio impressed us at the 2019 Milwaukee press event this year. Finding out that it charged batteries and would sell for $299 starting in November made it even better. We just wish we didn’t have to wait so long for it.


First Impressions and Features

The Milwaukee Packout Radio plus charger integrates really well with the Packout system. First, it places nothing on top or bottom, so you can place it atop, or within a Packout stack. Milwaukee Tool positioned the four 2-way speakers at each corner. The subwoofer uses an active speaker and passive radiator which fires out the rear of the radio.

Milwaukee Packout Radio stacked speaker

The radio plays very loudly. We heard it fill one end of a large warehouse space during Milwaukee Tool’s annual media event. Bass didn’t disappoint, and vocals were clear for a job site radio. We heard little to no distortion, though we didn’t put the volume all the way up. We look forward to getting this in as part of a job site radio comparison review. It should do very well.

Milwaukee Packout radio battery charger

The job site radio can play AM/FM stations, stream audio via Bluetooth 4.2, or even use the auxiliary port…so you can presumably hook up that record player or 8-track. The radio also includes a 6 foot long AC cord. That lets you operate it without a battery or charge an M18 battery while you listen to your tunes. Finally, Milwaukee Tool included their signature bottle opener, making this radio “beach-ready”.


Milwaukee Packout Radio and Charger Specifications

  • Power: M18 Redlithium battery or AC power
  • Speakers: 4x 2-way omnidirectional speakers
  • Subwoofer: Rear-firing active sub + passive radiator
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • AM/FM radio with presets
  • Auxiliary port
  • Integrated clock
  • Carry handle
  • Packout integration
  • Internal phone storage
  • Bottle opener
  • Price: $299 (radio only)

Milwaukee Packout M18 Radio and Charger

Buying the Milwaukee Packout M18 Radio and Charger

Unfortunately, you have to wait until November to pick up the new Milwaukee Packout M18 Radio and Charger. The price makes sense at $299 for the radio by itself. Since this radio fits so well with Packout, we expect it to sell very well for current and new users of that system.

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Can it be powered by battery?

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

Have been waiting for this to come out since i saw the dewalt version that has been out for a while


How does the sound quality compare to the DeWalt Toughsystem and tstak radios?


I’m holding out for the ryobi green box.


The only reason this is a hard no for me is that they STILL haven’t figured out that a lot of people don’t want to use a phone to play music. Would be fine if the phone was used as a remote but as the music source, it just doesn’t work that well. A lot of work sites are electrically noisy, and that plays hell with Bluetooth range. So until they start using the USB port as a music source (like for a thumb drive) I’ll just have to keep waiting.