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3M Recalls Twin-Leg Nano-Lok Self-Retracting Lifelines

On July 25, 2019, 3M Fall Protection announced a full stop use and recall on their DBI-SALA Twin-Leg Nano-Lok edge and the Twin-Leg Nano-Lok Wrap Back Self-Retracting Lifelines. Under certain conditions, the energy absorber of these devices may not properly deploy. This could expose a worker to serious injury or even death, according to 3M’s information. Fortunately, no reports of any accidents or injuries associated with this issue have been made. 3M says these products must be removed from service immediately, however. That initial recall still holds, but 3M has added some additional details.


These Twin-Leg Nano-Loks are used as part of a personal fall protection system that connects two self-retracting lifelines/devices (SRLs/SRDs) directly under the dorsal D-ring of a worker’s harness. The Twin-Leg Nano-Lok edge is intended to be anchored at foot-level. They work for sharp and/or leading edge applications and incorporates an energy absorber. The Twin-Leg Nano-Lok Wrap Back is intended for wrapping around an anchor and incorporates a similar energy absorber.

The 3M Twin-Leg Nano-Lok Self-Retracting Lifelines Recall Details

3M is recalling all these devices to be repaired or replaced as soon as a solution is identified, tested and certified. Alternatively, end-users may elect to receive cash for their returned devices. This stop use/recall affects all models of the Twin-Leg Nano-Lok edge and Twin-Leg Wrap Back SRLs since first introduced in 2013. This stop use/recall does not affect the single-leg versions of these models. As of July 25, 2019, no 3M twin-leg SRL product is approved for use over sharp or abrasive edges.

Instructions for Users/Owners

Please go to www.NanoLokEdgeRecall.com and follow the instructions on how to return your device. 3M will inspect and repair or replace your unit and return it to you at 3M’s expense. If an inspection determines that your Nano-Lok needs to be taken out of service for reasons unrelated to the stop use/recall, they will inform you of that fact. To minimize any disruption to your business, we will also provide you a list of authorized repair centers near you that can complete the inspection and repair.

Note that cash is no longer an option for owners/users of ANSI versions of the affected units for which a solution is available. The cash option remains available until a solution has been certified for the remaining SKUs (see website for a complete list of SKUs that can be repaired at this time).

Instructions for Distributors

Please contact 3M Customer Service department at 1-833-638-2697 or email them at [email protected] to obtain a listing of all Twin-Leg Nano-Lok edge and Twin-Leg Wrap Back SRLs sold to you. If you have any of these devices in stock, please return them to 3M Fall Protection for credit at 3M’s expense. Please immediately forward this Notice to any of your customers/users who have purchased Twin-Leg Nano-Lok edge and Twin-Leg Nano-Lok Wrap Back SRLs from you with an urgent request that they read and comply with this Notice.

Note: A unit is safe to use if it has a green check mark on the front label of the unit. The green check mark means the unit has either been repaired or has come from the factory with the revision and is certified for its intended use.

Affected Model Numbers

Here are the affected model numbers and whether or not 3M can make a repair:

3M Recalls Twin-Leg Nano-Lok Self-Retracting Lifelines

3M Recall: Twin-Leg Nano-Lok Self-Retracting Lifelines

Once you stop using the affected products, your next step should be to visit the link and start the process for repair or refund.

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