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DeWalt XRP Drills Drivers Lineup

DeWalt XRP drills drivers

Just launched is a new line of heavy-duty DeWalt XRP drills and hammer drills as well as a new XRP Lithium-ion drill. The drills were designed from the ground up and are said to contain significant performance, durability, run time and ergonomic enhancements. The XRP line includes three 18V models (DCD950KX, DCD950VX and DCD940KX), three 14.4V models (DCD930KX, DC930VX and DCD920KX) and a single 12V model (DCD910KX). Additionally, the new line includes an XRP Lithium Ion 18V hammerdrill/drill/driver (DCD970KL) with a Nano-Phosphate Lithium Ion battery that is backwards compatible with more than 40 tools in the DeWalt 18V system.

Each of the DeWalt XRP drills and drivers has a patented, three-speed transmission that matches each speed to the appropriate application, offering professional end users flexible performance for various applications. First speed is ideal for higher torque functions, like drilling large diameter holes in wood using hole saws or self-feed bits. Second speed is ideal for use with auger bits and step bits, while third speed is most commonly used for fastening and hammer drilling into concrete. The speed shifting control is now positioned front to back and has positive detent stops allowing users to easily shift between various speeds. Additionally, the new drills now have a two-collar design that enables users to quickly transition among drilling, screwdriving and hammer drilling modes without changing the clutch setting.

The new DeWalt XRP drills and XRP hammer drills are built with a high-power, high-efficiency frameless motor that should deliver increased performance for drilling and fastening applications. All the hammerdrills are equipped with an exclusive chuck that self-tightens throughout the application to prevent bits from slipping. The chuck is designed to provide up to twice the bit holding strength of traditional ratcheting chucks.

Additionally, the new line of drills have 30 percent more runtime than previous XRP drills because DeWalt optimized the frameless motor and their three-speed transmission enabling the drills to operate more efficiently.

DeWalt also designed these new drills with an all-steel transmission. The tools have a metal gear case allowing the transmission to dissipate heat and run cooler. Additionally, a steel lockout feature positively locks the tool in drill mode. The frameless motor produces increased airflow through the tool allowing the unit to function more efficiently (see battery savings above). Like previous DeWalt drils, the new motors also contain replaceable brushes for easy serviceability.

The new drill/drivers offer a smaller footprint for increased balance and control. The handles of the drills are improved for a better grip and increased user comfort, and a bright LED work light provides increased visibility in dimly lit areas.

XRP Lithium Ion Battery Chemistry and System Compatibility: The XRP Lithium ion drill features a battery designed with Nano-Phosphate Lithium Ion cells that provide users with increased battery durability and cycle life, offering 2,000 recharges. The battery is compatible with any existing system of DeWalt 18V power tools produced since 1996. The backwards compatibility of the XRP Lithium Ion battery enables users to continue to expand upon their existing 18V platform and use any DeWalt 18V battery with any DeWalt 18V tool.

These products are available from limited retailers now, and expect inventories to ramp up as old stock is sold off. Pricing is as follows:

  • 18V 1/2-inch Hammerdrill/driver DCD950KX – $299.95
  • 18V 1/2-inch Hammerdrill/driver DCD950VX – TBD (includes vehicle charger)
  • 18V 1/2-inch Drill/driver DCD940KX – $279.95
  • 14.4V 1/2-inch Hammerdrill/driver DCD930KX – $229.95
  • 14.4V 1/2-inch Hammerdrill/driver DC930VX – TBD (includes vehicle charger)
  • 14.4V 1/2-inch Drill/driver DCD920KX – $199.95
  • 12V 1/2-inch Drill/driver DCD910KX – $179.95
  • 18V hammerdrill driver DCD970KL – $349.95

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