Festool T-LOC Updates Systainer Storage System News & Opinion

Festool T-LOC Updates Systainer Storage System

Festool is completely redesigning its Systainer system. The changes center around a new way of locking and stacking the storage boxes with a redesigned T-LOC system. The German supplier has redesigned the Systainer so that it will be opened, closed and joined/stacked with a single hand movement. Compared to the existing locking and stacking mechanism, the T-LOC should save a lot of time and hassle. Check out the video below.


How it works: Close, open and engage with a single spin

The T-LOC name denotes the form and functions. The main control element is T-shaped and LOC means close (Lock), open (Open) and connected (Connect). From this single element, all three functions are performed with a single rotation. This simplifies just about everything about the Systainer and makes it far easier for stacking and getting into the containers during jobsite use. While the first generation of Systainer made it necessary to close and unlock four snaps, the new T-LOC Systainer can be easily fitted very simply and you can centrally manage the mechanism from the front by operating the T-LOC handle. The new T-LOC system is backwards compatible with existing Systainers, provided you place the new T-LOC versions on top. They don’t have the dual latches required to lock into existing Systainer boxes from below, but that should still allow a majority of existing users to migrate over to the new system without too many hassles.

Festool T-LOC Updates Systainer Storage System

Photo credit: Festool Owners Group forum

As usual in Festool, the new Systainer also is stackable and compatible with the CT mobile dust extractor and other Festool products. Another handy item is the optional handle, with which the T-LOC can be transported upright. This system is looking and functioning more and more like Bosch’s L-Boxx Storage system.

The T-LOC system, like Festool’s existing line of Systainers, is made from impact-resistant ABS, which should provide enough strength to prevent it from breaking easily under heavy use. In addition, the Systainers feature a newer, more modern, design with rounded corners to further protect it from damage.

Festool T-LOC Updates Systainer Storage System -1

The new T-LOC Systainer should be available November 2010 and retail prices are expected to be in line with the current Systainer models. Since the new Systainers are backwards-compatible with their existing products, you can expect the new T-LOC system to eventually replace the current line completely.


About Festool

Back in 1993, the Festool Systainer turned upside down the world of construction professionals, who by then was still mainly organized with boxes, sheet metal and cardboard. Systainer is a composition of words Sys tem and Con tainer and to sort, store and transport systematically machines, accessories and consumables. The Systainer, which has long been used worldwide and by many other manufacturers, both in the workshop or on site ensures the highest order and better protection of the work material and, as a side effect, conveys an impression more professional customer.

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