Kershaw Duck Commander Knives Join the Flock

Kai USA has announced a partnership  with the Robertson Family to produce Duck Commander and Buck Commander knives under the Kershaw and Pure Komachi 2 labels. This announcement of Kershaw Duck Commander Knives certainly created a buzz around here at PTR with many references to Uncle Si and sharp objects being made. For the uninitiated, A&E’s cable show Duck Dynasty follows the business run by the family of Phil Robertson, creator of the world famous Duck Commander duck call and Buck Commander deer call. As a somewhat backwards, but definitely back woods family, the show highlights the eccentricity of the characters as well as their faith and love of family.

Even if you haven’t seen the show, you have likely seen the boys with their well known beards on products in Bass Pro Shops and Wal-Mart stores nationwide. I’m not personally familiar with the products they are already associated with, but  as we’re fans of the Kershaw Leek and Kershaw Cryo II, I am genuinely excited about the partnership that will include the quality of Kershaw and Komachi 2 knives.

Kershaw Duck Commander Knives

Under the Kershaw name, we are expecting to see a selection of folding and fixed blade Kershaw Duck Commander Knives for every day use and hunting as well as machetes and accessories.

Komachi 2 is going to handle a kitchen cutlery line and involving the wives of Duck Dynasty including Miss Kay, who seems to be able to make every moment an awkward moment for her grandchildren.

Kai USA is expected to reveal some of the prototypes of the Kershaw Duck Commander Knives at SHOT in Las Vegas, which starts on January 14th. The first 3 or 4 products should be available by the middle of 2014 and we’ll let you know what is on tap once the information is available to us. This is a multi-year contract between the Robertson’s and Kai USA, so the first knives that we see will only be the beginning.

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