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Rapid Tools Rapid Warrior Utility Knife Set Review

Rapid Tools Rapid Warrior Utility Knife Set Review

The Rapid Warrior is the latest transformer-like utility knife tool from Rapid Tools. With a flick of a lever and a turn of a knob, you can go from razor knife to keyhole saw to a hacksaw.  With quick, no tool blade changes, DIYers and homeowners will find this tool handy to keep in a toolbox or drawer. We first saw the Rapid Warrior while we were at the STAFDA show in Atlanta, Georgia in November of 2009. The booth for Rapid Tools was full of unique and interesting products and improvements on many common items we use every day. Among the assortment of tools, one of the newer items on display was the Rapid Warrior, so we decided we needed to take a closer look.

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Rapid Warrior Utility Knife Features

Our test tool came in a clear plastic package with a printed cardboard backer card. Once we cut our way into the package, we were better able to check things out. The irony was not lost on us that we had to use a knife to get the knife out. Included with the Rapid Warrior Value pack is the utility knife handle, a drywall blade, 6” hacksaw blade, 8” general purpose saw blade, 5 replacement serrated blades, and a storage case for the saw blades.

One thing that we have to point out with the Rapid Warrior is the serrated razor blades that are included with the set. These blades are not just any blade; they are what helped make Rapid Tools famous. The serrations on the blades help them hold their edge longer and actually help them cut through materials more quickly. The knife handle had a decent heft to it thanks to its mostly metal construction.

Rapid Warrior Utility Knife

There are nice overmolded rubber gripping surfaces on both the top and bottom of the handle. To open the handle, you turn the lever that is located on the side. The knife opens via the clamshell-style hinge on the very back. Inside the handle is where the fun begins. There are several little moving parts inside that move around to accommodate whether you plan on putting in a razor blade or a saw blade.

Rapid Warrior Utility Knife opened

Compatible Blades

By the way, all the included saw blades are standard 1/2″ shank reciprocating saw blades, so you can insert just about any standard reciprocating saw blade into the handle. Loading the blades is pretty simple and straightforward once you have the handle in your hand. There is a thumbwheel on the outside top of the handle to help adjust any looseness or play that might be present when a saw blade is loaded. Also, inside the handle, there is enough storage space for 5 utility knife blades.

Rapid Warrior Utility Knife saw


The idea with the Rapid Warrior is that rather than having to have several types of small saws and a utility knife, you can eliminate them all and just keep the Rapid Tools Rapid Warrior toolset around. We think that this just might work for some DIY types and homeowners. It might just be the perfect thing to throw into that first-time tool kit for one of your older kids, too. We like the idea of compact, universal, convertible tools and the Rapid Warrior fits the bill.

Overall, this tool seems well-suited for all light and some medium-duty applications that a DIY person or even a tradesman would come up against. The long-term durability is the bigger question for us as it seems the small moving parts inside the tool might be prone to wear over time if used extensively. The tool does seem to have a decent value, particularly with respect to the quality serrated razor blades and the usefulness of the included three saw blades. If you had to purchase each of these items separately, you could easily spend twice what this kit sells for.

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