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battery-powered lawn mower

Review9.2(out of 10)
EGO 56V lawn mower mowing front

EGO LM2001 56V Lawnmower Review

Companies like EGO are pushing the boundaries and limits in ways never before seen in this category, and it won’t be very long before the thought of a homeowner using a gas tool to mow or trim the lawn is an antiquated idea. The EGO LM2001 56V lawnmower represents the company’s first battery-powered mower to […]

Review8.1(out of 10)
Sun Joe iON Mower

Sun Joe iON 40V Brushless Lawnmower Review

Sun Joe iON 40-Volt Cordless 16-Inch Lawn Mower w/ Brushless Motor Even if we don’t enjoy the work that goes into it, we enjoy a well-landscaped lawn.  And a lawn doesn’t even have to be perfectly sodded, watered, and fertilized to look good – as the drought draws to close here in Florida and the […]

Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Battery Powered Lawnmower Debate: Is it Right for Me?

If you’ve been around Home Depot, Lowe’s, and even Wal-Mart this spring, it’s hard to miss the Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Lawn Mowers that have hit the shelves. The displays look nice and it’s awfully tempting to not have cords in the way or gas to mix. There’s that nagging feeling that you might be about […]

Kobalt 40V

Kobalt 40V Max Lithium-Ion Mower, Blower, and Chainsaw

Editor’s Note: These products have been discontinued. This review originally published in May 2014. Mission launch code word: “Irene.” Do you recall the scene from the movie Black Hawk Down just before the code word “Irene” is called out? – The soldiers are gearing up – boots laced, weapons checked, magazines and ammo checked- the […]

Review8.4(out of 10)
Greenworks 20 Twin Force lawmower

GreenWorks G-Max 40 V Twin Force Lawnmower Review

For years I’ve wondered about battery powered cordless lawnmowers. Having seen and measured the torque on cordless drills and drivers—as well as the Greenworks 40V chainsaw—the concept of a 40V cordless mower just makes a lot of sense and seems to be very practical…even logical. I mean, how hard can it be to rig a […]

Recharge 36V Cordless Riding Mower Preview

Recharge 36V Cordless Riding Lawnmower Preview

The G1-RM10 Recharge Mower has been under development for over 3 years. The 36V battery-powered riding lawn mower delivers up to three hours of continuous cutting and driving – and all this without gas, oil, or emissions. What’s really impressive is that the mower sports a fairly compact size, easy maneuverability, adjustable cutting height, and a large (3 bushel) grass catcher. The Recharge Mower seems perfectly suited for just about every lawn. On top of that, it’s actually pretty ergonomic, so it’s also great for those who may have physical disabilities (it has an easy-access seat). Now the people behind the Recharge Mower wee going for the “truly” green mower. The Recharge uses three eco-friendly electric motors and, of course, it emits absolutely no carbon emissions.

Husqvarna Automower 305 Robotic Lawnmower Preview

Husqvarna Automower 305 Robotic Lawnmower Preview

I hate mowing the grass. Some say it’s relaxing and soothing, even. For me, it’s a necessary evil – and part of the homeowner process that I’d just as soon see gone forever. Somebody at Husqvarna obviously agrees because they invented the Automower 305. The 305 is literally a robotic lawnmower – the company’s third, in fact. It is silent. It’s automatic. And it’s designed to give homeowners a perfectly cut, trouble-free lawn. While its not for those living on an acre of land, the mower is perfect (and designed) for people responsible for around 5000 square feet or less of lawn area. The tool cuts with the power of lithium-ion, and since it is quiet, it can cut at any time of day or night without worry.

Black & Decker SPCM1936 19" Self-Propelled 36V Rechargeable Mower

Black and Decker SPCM1936 19″ Self-Propelled 36V Lawnmower

We like green – and what can be more green than a rechargeable lawn mower? Well, Black & Decker is improving its line of rechargeable lawn care products with the introduction of its new SPCM1936 36 volt cordless rechargeable mower that has variable speeds. This new rechargeable mower also offers a self propelled feature which allows users to adjust the mowing speed to their personal pace so they can achieve great cutting results with minimal effort.

Recall: Black & Decker, Craftsman Cordless Lawnmowers

Black & Decker, Craftsman Cordless Lawnmowers Recall

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Black and Decker, today announced another voluntary recall of all Black & Decker and Craftsman brand cordless electric lawnmowers. With this cordless lawnmowers recall, consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed by the manufacturer. This recall is significant because it affects those who already had […]