May 6, 2021

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lithium-ion battery

Midland Lithium-Ion Generator: Waterproof Power

Looking for a small, portable, near-weatherproof generator that you can tote around just about anywhere? Look no further than the PPG100 Midland Lithium-Ion Generator. Released this past January, this generator could find a place in all manner of home, camping, fishing, hunting, and tailgating applications. This unit can power lights, phones, computers, televisions, and even mini-fridges. […]

Do You Get Twice the Runtime From Twice the Amp Hours?

Do You Get Twice the Runtime From Twice the Amp Hours?

The 5th-grade science fair came around for our school and finding a project to use power tools sounded much more exciting than anything else. It’s a good thing my Dad is the Managing Editor of Pro Tool Reviews. I decided to tackle the question, “do you get twice the runtime from twice the amp hours?” […]

Ridgid 18V 9.0 Amp Hour Bluetooth Battery Ridgid 18V 6.0 Amp Hour Bluetooth Battery

Ridgid 18V 9.0 Amp Hour Bluetooth Battery

Ridgid has just unveiled the latest in their battery technology – and they’re not backing down from the latest innovation. The Ridgid 18V 9.0 amp hour Bluetooth battery and smaller 6.0 amp hour Bluetooth battery pack are set to compete with the likes of Milwaukee and DeWalt. Both maintain Ridgid’s commitment to their 18V platform […]

Affordable Battery Program

Hitachi Affordable Battery Program

While cordless electric power tools offer convenience, purchasing batteries for those tools can be a costly affair. Hitachi Power Tools, a maker of fine pneumatic tools as well as some pretty quality entries into the cordless arena, looks to make purchasing batteries less painful to your wallet. They’ve launched a new battery initiative this past […]

Makita Backpack Battery BL36120A

Makita Backpack Battery Extends Capacity… In Europe

Unbeknownst to us until recently, Makita UK has released a 12Ah, 36V battery backpack to work in conjunction with the range of Makita twin 18V cordless tools. With an 18V X2 wiring harness, it’s the same as four 6.0 amp hour 18V batteries – a total of 432 watt hours. The new Makita backpack battery offers […]

Bosch Core18V Battery Video Review

Bosch Core18V Battery Video Review

The Bosch Core18V Battery is certainly a hot topic of conversation among PTR Pros. The jump up to 20700 lithium-ion cells and a new pack design has people wondering how far this battery will take the brand. We’ve had some time to compare this 6.3 amp hour model to Bosch’s standard 6.0 amp hour battery […]

Milwaukee 9.0 Vs DeWalt FlexVolt

Milwaukee M18 High Demand 9.0 AH Battery Additional Warnings

Milwaukee sent out a press release detailing specific warnings in regard to the Milwaukee M18 High Demand 9.0 AH battery. Before we dive too far into this, it’s important to note a couple of things. First, this isn’t a recall and there’s nothing wrong with the packs. In fact, there’s not a situation or incident to […]

18V Vs 20V Max Batteries Video

18V VS 20V Max Batteries: Clearing Up the Confusion Video

Everywhere we go, people tell us that 20V Max tools are more powerful than 18V tools. But in the 18V vs 20V Max debate, is that actually true? Well, no, actually. DeWalt was the biggest name to get this conversation (and confusion) rolling. That’s because they changed from the 18V designation on their Ni-Cad tools […]

Milwaukee 12.0 Ah High Output Battery 03

Latest Lithium-ion Battery Advancements

In 2010, we wrote about better batteries using graphene nanotech. That was a collaboration between the Department of Energy and Vorbeck Materials. Scientists used graphene to enable lithium-ion batteries to recharge in minutes rather than hours. It’s been quite some time. While graphene has yet to materialize, we’re back with some more of the latest lithium-ion battery advancements. […]

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Oregon 40V Chainsaw Review

Oregon 40V Chainsaw Review CS300

If the guys commentating about quarterfinal matchups are called Sportscasters, what’s my title if I have the call for the tool version of the quarterfinals, a Toolcaster? I’ll have to think about that. In any event, over the last few weeks, I’ve been telling you a lot about our own Elite 8 – a shootout […]