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19 Comments on "Are Impact Rated Bits Worth the Money?"

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Jamed Howard

I tried Bosch, Milwaukee impact, Dewalt impact/ regular, Cobalt, Makita black impact. There all junk/100 screws. Home Hardware has these red bits/ $4+ each their not bad. Makita cheap grey bit/ kits seem to last the longest/400 screws and there isn’t much difference between the Makita cheapo’s and the Makita Gold. If the Makita Gold bit slips due to paint in the screw (colored deck screws) it will last as long as the Makita cheapo’s, if the Gold bits don’t slip due to paint they may last 800 screws.

Hi, I bought a Vermont 3 1/2″ #2 Robertson in 01′ at Building for $2.45 It came in a little package. I put in about 15,000 various length screws using a 12 volt Makita drill with 1.3 AH red battery. The bit finally started to slip when I built an 8000 square foot deck. I tried every bit going since then. None last more than 200 screws heavy use. The Makita gold ones at Home Depot for $20 seem to be the going these days but they still aren’t as food as that old Vermont bit I had.

What about Makita?


Good article thanks. Often an overlooked aspect.

Hi Thomas, I know this article is a few years old, but it came up in my search for information about impact-ready bits, so here I am lol. Have you revisited this subject? I like how you broke everything down. I was a little confused by the information/data you used. It was always my assumption that impact-ready bits would be softer (and therefore wear down faster) on purpose. Snapping bits is one thing, but I thought the design was more focused on protecting the tool(s). I know that is the case for impact sockets, ie., impact sockets are softer than… Read more »