May 7, 2021

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Festool Planex LHS 225 Drywall Sander

Festool Planex LHS 225 Drywall Sander application

Drywall sanding is a messy business at best and hazardous to your health at worst: prolonged exposure to respirable crystalline silica is responsible for many ailments. But Festool hopes to clean up with the Festool Planex LHS 225 drywall sander. The modular design features three lengths, two-speed gears, and adjustable suction power.

Extensions allow a working height range of 8.25-foot and 11.5-foot which likely eliminates the need for stilts in most cases. An optional harness for holding the sander is available as is a range of abrasives depending on the user’s needs ($260). The Festool Planex LHS 225 Drywall Sander can be coupled with Festool’s CT 36 AutoClean dust extractor ($850) and comes with a three year warranty.

Digging Deeper

Festool is a solutions company and we see the way they incorporate a system-based solution with the Planex. First, it addresses the issue of a stiff sanding head that, while flexible, you often have to fight to keep flat. The design allows much easier head movement allowing you to focus on the quality of your sanding, not how much pressure you have to apply.

Taking that concept another step is with connecting it to a Festool dust extractor which gives you a vacuum assist in keeping the sander engaged on the work surface. It’s actually possible to stick the sander to the ceiling vertically. Simply dial back the suction until you’re able to to easily work the pad around without scuffing the surface. And of course, it collects the dust for you.


If you go with the CT 36 AutoClean dust extractor, you can get an attachment designed to hold the Planex securely while you move around. Even if you don’t, the design breaks down into small enough pieces that it is all organized is the ever popular Systainer.

Festool Planex LHS 225 Drywall Sander Key Features

Festool Planex LHS 225 Drywall Sander
  • Two lengths, one machine – extend or reduce quickly and easily in seconds
  • Two-speed gears for efficient, rapid material removal on walls and ceilings
  • Robust, reliable drive components and efficient power transfer
  • Adjustable suction power decreases the perceived weight of the machine
  • Three year warranty

Festool Planex LHS 225 Drywall Sander Specifications

  • Model: Festool LHS 225
  • Power Source: 120V AC
  • Motor: 4.5-amp
  • No Load Speed: 910 orbits per minute
  • Pad Size: 9 inches
  • Weight: 10.1 pounds
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Price: $1,150

For more information about Festool Planex LHS 225 Drywall Sander, visit their website.

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Porter Cable came out with the giant sander with shop-vac hook up at least 10 years ago. It worked pretty well for what we needed it for. It didn’t have a fancy case or have to hook up to a brand specific dust system. Any vacuum worked as long as the hose was the right size. But more importantly it was a hell of a lot cheaper than what festool is asking for this thing. I’ve never been a fan of festool because of the price. (their tools should come with a lifetime warranty for price they ask ) Imo… Read more »

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