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DeWalt 4-Port Fast Charger Video

PTIA 2018 Winners Sqaure LogoAt the past World of Concrete event in Las Vegas, we saw the debut of the DeWalt 4-Port Fast Charger. Perhaps chargers can fall by the wayside in our thinking as “things we just don’t tend to get all that excited about.” However, if you spend any amount of time working on DeWalt’s 20V Max or FlexVolt systems, you’ll have pretty good reasons to get all hot and bothered about this one.


Here’s why: not only can the DeWalt 4-Port Fast Charger charge 4 batteries simultaneously, but it does it FAST. Now, you might think that when DeWalt includes the word “fast” in the title of the product, that it’s really just marketing speak for “sorta fast, maybe.” But, no, this charger is legit. Four 60V Max 6.0Ah batteries will charge simultaneously in an hour.

But that’s not all. This charger also includes a spot for DeWalt’s Tool Connect tag. There are mounts that make it compatible with DeWalt’s stacking toolboxes, the ToughSystem. And, just in case you were curious about whether or not this charger would work with DeWalt’s other battery platforms, have no fear. The DeWalt’s Fast Charger can charge 12V, 20V, and 60V battery packs.

Look for the DeWalt 4-Port Fast Charger to hit stores in May 2018.


DeWalt 4-Port Fast Charger Features

  • Simultaneous charging ports
  • Charges 12V Max, 20V Max and 60V Max batteries
  • Thru-hole wall mounts for easy installation
  • ToughSystem compatible
  • Overmolded carry handle
  • Fast charger – charges 4 DCB606 in 1 hour

DeWalt 4-Port Fast Charger Specs

  • Model Number: DCB104
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs
  • Length: 22″
  • CSA Certified: Yes
  • Warranty: 3-Year Limited/1-Year Free Service/90-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Price: $199


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