Metabo 12V Battery Adapter | Powermaxx PA 12 LED-USB Battery Reviews & Chargers

Metabo 12V Battery Adapter | Powermaxx PA 12 LED-USB

Bright Idea: Metabo 12V Battery Adapter Gives You Fast USB Charging Access and an LED Flashlight

Metabo has released its Powermaxx PA 12 LED-USB Battery Adaptor, which lets you use a Metabo 12V battery as a portable source of power for things like cell phones, tablets, that health tracker you got for Christmas, or anything else that you can charge through a USB cable.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Metabo PA 12
  • Can be used as a desktop charger, energy source, and light
  • Fast 2.0A USB charging and
  • 12 Volt connection for the Metabo heated jacket
  • Operates with all 12V Li-Power and LiHD slide-on battery packs
  • Price: $59.99


Extend Your Metabo Battery’s Range of Use

The Metabo 12V battery adapter can be used as a desktop charger, power source, and LED light. It offers fast USB charging to your devices with a maximum charging current of 2 amps. It’s also the battery harness for Metabo’s heated jacket.

Any 12V Metabo slide pack battery will work with the Powermaxx PA 12 (note: this will not work with Metabo HPT batteries as they’re distinct companies that work with different battery designs).

The beauty of these types of charger adapters is that they give you yet another way to put your power tool batteries to good use throughout the day. Cell phone starts to die in the middle of the day? No problem, just hook it up to your Metabo Powermaxx PA 12 LED-USB Battery Adaptor to charge it back up.

Is it a cold day? No worries, just hook this guy up to your Metabo heated jacket and feel warm bliss across your chest and back.

Need to throw some extra light on that electrical panel you’re working on? Click on the PA 12’s LED flashlight feature and get yourself out of that pickle easy-peasy.

Metabo 12V Battery Adapter | Powermaxx PA 12 LED-USB


The Metabo Powermaxx PA 12 LED-USB Battery Adaptor retails for $59.99 right now. it comes with Metabo’s 3-year warranty.

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Thoughts on the Metabo 12V Battery Adapter

Most cordless power tool brands have a battery adapter for their 18V lines and several extend into 12V, so this isn’t a completely new idea. What is different is that most of those 12V adapters are stick packs instead of slide packs.

Metabo’s inclusion of an LED light is also unusual, though we’re pretty sure other brands might pick it up soon.

Overall, it’s a handy accessory to have and for $59.99, it needs to be. It’s more expensive than most of the other adapters running around and considering Metabo’s 12V line is pretty limited at the moment, there might not be a huge demand.

For now.


The tools we’ve used from Metabo’s new generation of 12V tools have been excellent and we genuinely hope they’ll continue growing it. With what we’ve seen, Metabo can certainly compete with Milwaukee and Makita in the 12V game, even if they don’t have ambitions of growing as deep a lineup.

If you’re running Metabo 12V tools, go ahead and grab this. It’s a helpful accessory that you’re sure to find a use for frequently.

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