April 22, 2021

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DeWalt Cordless Table Saw – All You Need to Know

DeWalt cordless table saw

So they did it. After touting the tagline #WORLDSFIRST for several weeks, the DeWalt cordless table saw came to market before anyone else—though others (like Metabo) seem to be close. Of course, that doesn’t include the circular-saw-turned-upside-down version we saw with the Cel Power 8 Workshop which we reviewed many years ago. The DeWalt cordless table saw is different.

It runs off a new DeWalt FlexVolt technology that uses a FlexVolt 60V lithium-ion battery, and it seems to have some decent job site power. We got to try it out for ourselves at the 2016 DeWalt Media event in Baltimore, MD.

DeWalt Cordless Table Saw Features & Use

The new DeWalt cordless table saw runs on a brushless motor and a FlexVolt 60V 6.0Ah Max battery pack. DeWalt claims this pack has three times the power of one of their 20V Max packs. Indeed, it’s like three slim 20V Max lithium ion batteries run in series. It also has a convenient side handle for portability.

It will cut over 300 linear feet of 3/4″ OSB on a single battery.

DeWalt brushless 60V FlexVolt table saw

We got to experience the 60V Dewalt table saw ripping through some 3/4-inch lumber, and the saw felt smooth. It delivers an accurate cut, but the feed speed needs to be maintained since you can overdrive it if you push too hard (like most battery powered saws). We mentally compared it to the DeWalt DWE7480 job site table saw we reviewed, but it’s actually based on the DW745 portable job site saw and it lacks the tool-free blade guard release. The real trick will be to get it into the shop and test the run-time and cutting power for ourselves. We also want to see how the DeWalt cordless table saw holds up under different types of cuts and with different stock.

dewalt 60V tablesaw cutting
Michael Springer running a 3/4″ board through the new DeWalt Cordless table saw and making use of the 60V FlexVolt 6.0 Ah battery

You get the expected paddle switch and, of course, the split guard and riving knife which DeWalt made as easy to use as its job site saw. It also has the geared fencing system which is nice and easy to set.

DeWalt cordless table saw 60V Max

DeWalt Cordless Table Saw Specs

  • Model: DCS7485B
  • Battery: 60V FlexVolt lithium-ion 6.0Ah
  • Blade: 8-1/4″
  • Price: $499 w/battery & charger
  • Cuts: 300 in 3/4″ OSB

Acme Tools has it:

Initially, this looks like a table saw I’d like to have if I needed to make a bunch of cuts on a job site and power wasn’t readily available. The big question Pros will need to answer is whether they’ll prefer it when they can still drag a cord. There’s also the question of whether the additional price will make sense to someone who’s choosing between this and a compact job site table saw. That’s where we’ll put our testing focus when we get this in for review.

DeWalt cordless table saw battery

So the 60V DeWalt cordless table saw was one of the bigger announcements we were waiting to hear this week. This begs the question: Would you use it for your job site? Let us know by commenting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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Jim Premo

On any job site, getting clean power is always impossible.This is a godsend. With a 12 inch 15 amp sliding miter saw, a 10 inch 15 amp job site table saw, a 12 amp portable compressor, and in winter a heater, I am in 120 volt hell, constantly flipping breakers. Lets face it, temporary power on a job site is always inadequate, has to be shared with other trades. I use the Ridgid 7 1/2 18v sliding miter saw for everything that I can and every battery tool that I can. Enough power to run a compressor and all my… Read more »


Seems like this would be great for a hobbyist with a small space and noise considerations? Especially one who does a lot of cuts on tracksaws/bandsaws and just wants a tablesaw for the odd narrow cuts etc.


Isn’t this 20v max/6.0ah battery a 60v max/2.0ah battery(really 54 volts & 2.0 ah) when in a 60v max tool? I’m real concerned about run time…only time will tell(no pun intended!).


I don’t feel like this is going to be too popular unless they make other tools that use this battery, a 10″ sliding compound miter saw sounds like an obvious choice.

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