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LUND Oval Straight Stainless Steel Nerf Bar Review

LUND Oval Straight Stainless Steel Nerf Bar
PTR Review
  • Features 10.0
  • Build Quality 10.0
  • Ease of Installation 10.0
  • Performance 10.0
  • Value 9.0

The high quality LUND oval straight stainless steel nerf bar lets you confidently step up and into your truck while adding a distinctly rugged look and feel.

Overall Score 9.8 (out of 10)

Nerf bars were originally designed to keep two racing vehicles from colliding (a “nerf” is another word for a small collision—Hey, rubbing’s racing!). Now, however, nerf bars are most commonly seen in SUVs and trucks to help you enter and exit the vehicle more easily. LUND is a very well-recognized name in aftermarket truck and vehicle accessories—particularly when it comes to nerf bars, running boards, and other exterior products. I got to try out the LUND Oval Straight Stainless Steel Nerf Bar to both enhance the look of and upgrade my new 2015 Ford F-150 Super Crew truck and give both passengers and myself a “leg up” when entering and exiting the vehicle.

LUND Oval Straight Stainless Steel Nerf Bar Features

To top off the features of the LUND oval straight stainless steel nerf bars, you’ve got the size. These side bars give you a full 5-inch oval step, so there’ no chance of slipping off as you enter or exit the vehicle. That’s even more true when you factor in the rugged no-slip rubber step pads that look like the most aggressive boot tread ever made. It gives you ton of traction that’s going to work in rain, snow, or when covered by a bunch of mud or dirt from the jobsite.

The actual bar itself is made from marine-grade 304L stainless steel which is one of the most widely used alloys in the stainless family. It has a minimum of 18% chromium and 8% nickel (often referred to as “18/8 stainless”) and is the same steel found in a lot of cooking pans and tools. The stainless steel finish is mirror polished for corrosion resistance (nothing can really adhere to it).

The LUND stainless steel nerf bar is able to support around 350 pounds and comes ready to install with brackets and all the required hardware. You don’t need to do any drilling, and there’s nothing that can’t be removed should you decide to take it off, sell your truck, or otherwise feel the need to remove the nerf bars.

LUND Oval Stainless Steel Nerf Bar Installation

LUND Stainless Steel Nerf Bar installThe LUND Oval Straight Stainless Steel Nerf Bar we ordered is the 5″ model (they have options from flat and step-shaped models to 6″ ovals) and is available in 54 inch, 80 inch, and 87 inch lengths to accommodate regular cab, SuperCab, and Super Crew cab sizes. The bar goes just to the back of the cab, so if you want a step at the front of the truck bed you’ll need to look for something like the Amp Research BedStep2. In terms of installation, on the 2015 Ford F-150, bolts are already present on the aluminum body along the inside length of the cab. That means that you simply have to affix the included brackets to the truck body, and then attach the LUND oval nerf bar to the steel mounting points. Because steel and aluminum will eventually react together and corrode over time, LUND provides (for this model) square plastic washers which go over the bolts and sit between the steel bracket and the aluminum truck body.

Lund Nerf Bars Ford F-150 truck

Once I installed the brackets, gently laying the stainless steel nerf bar on top and attaching it via the provided screws was all that was left. I did the driver’s side nerf bar followed by the passenger side, and ran into no real difficulties along the way. You’ll want either an old toothbrush or small steel brush handy to clean up the threads before adding the washers and bolts for the brackets. Because you are installing the LUND oval straight stainless steel nerf bar to the body of the Ford F-150 and not the frame, the 350 pound weight limit starts to make a lot of sense. Still, after seeing the construction quality, I’m fairly certain those specifications are conservative. If you have a 355 pound friend named Bubba, don’t worry about him damaging your bars unless he jumps up and down on them for a while.

I also like how the LUND nerf bars stop right at the back of the rear cab door. This gives you just enough room to add an Amp Research BedStep2 for accessing the truck bed. It’s a perfect combination if you ask me.


Lund Nerf Bars angledAdding nerf bars to your full-sized truck not only makes it easier to get in and out of your vehicle, it also helps you avoid rubbing against the seat. Look at trucks that are raised up and don’t have nerf bars—the stitching on the driver’s side seat is often wearing thin after just a year or two of use. The LUND oval straight stainless steel nerf bar lets you step up and into your truck. This particular model’s straight oval styling is my preferred choice as it doesn’t look too much like I’m trying to trick out the truck so much as add a helpful but rugged accessory. Installation is a breeze, and I expect this nerf bar to last a long time—the lifetime warranty gives me some confidence that it should.

You can pick up the LUND 5-inch oval stainless steel nerf bars (#23990004) online for less than $350. Visit the LUND website for more information.

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