Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 750 MCM Dieless Crimper Electrical Tool Reviews

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 750 MCM Dieless Crimper

Having reviewed the Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 750 MCM Crimper, we appreciate the newest tool which lets you make crimps without dies. The Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 750 MCM Dieless Crimper uses “Auto Distance Control” to sense the instant it contacts the connector. The tool then applies a precise pressure for each size based on the crimp distance. This gives you the optimal compression for each individual size. It also allows for UL Classified one crimp connections across the entire capacity range.

That should speed things up a bit.


The Case for the Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 750 MCM Dieless Crimper

Both single-point and four-point dieless crimpers already exist on the market. However, both come with some limitations. The larger capacity found in single-point tools is great, but they feature extra-wide nests and oversized indenters. These tend to mash and distort smaller and medium-size connections.

Milwaukee 2877 750 MCM Crimper

Four-point tools give you nicer-looking crimps, but they often require more than a single crimp per connector. With the additional maneuverability, the teeth break more frequently when the connector isn’t perfectly aligned to the tool.

“We knew users deserved a better solution that took the best of both and delivered them in one, easy-to-use tool that didn’t change their workflow. To achieve this, we applied our knowledge of compression in a different way while maintaining broad UL Classification. Thus, autonomous distance-based crimping was born.”

– Troy Marks, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool

Milwaukee M18 2877-22 angled

Auto Distance Control

The Auto Distance Control found in the 750 MCM dieless crimper works by incorporating a linear distance sensor. Coupled with a linear-encoded ram, it continuously measures crimp distance along with pressure. This lets the tool sense the instant it contacts the connector. It automatically measures the outside diameter and calculates a target final crimp distance. Once everything is verified, you get the green light letting you know the cycle was successful.

All of this, of course, happens transparently in the background.


More Milwaukee 750 MCM Dieless Crimper Features

At under 10 pounds with a 2Ah battery, the Milwaukee 2877-22 750 MCM dieless crimper matches the in-line design of their other M18 crimping tools. A 180-degree rotating head makes aligning the tool to the connector or cable a simple task.

Milwaukee 750 MCM Dieless Crimper 2877

Inside the tool lives a high-speed hydraulic pump which provides the compressing power for the dieless connections. Insert an M18 CP2.0 battery, and Milwaukee claims you’ll get up to 90 crimps on a single charge. To avoid any problems, the tool pre-checks the battery to ensure it has enough power before initiating a crimp.

Milwaukee 750 MCM Dieless Crimper

This looks like another productivity winner from Milwaukee Tool. For Pros looking to shave time off their day when making lots of 750 MCM connections, I would imagine this tool could pay itself off quickly. If you already use tools like the Milwaukee Force Logic 9T utility cutter and Milwaukee Force Logic crimpers, this tool probably fits somewhere in your wheelhouse. The new Milwaukee 750 MCM Dieless Crimper will hit shelves in June 2019. We’ll update this article when we get pricing info.

Milwaukee 750 MCM Dieless Crimper Specifications

  • Model 2877-22
  • Capacity: #6 – 750 MCM Cu/Al
  • Cycle Time: 3.5 sec.
  • Tool Length (w/ CP2.0 Battery): 19.4 in.
  • Tool Weight (w/ CP2.0 battery): 9.95 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Kit includes: Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 750 MCM Dieless Crimper, 2 x M18 CP2.0 batteries, M18/M12 charger, and carrying case
  • Price: $4,599 at Acme Tools

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