Bosch Connected Comfort HVAC Tool Reviews

Bosch Connected Control Thermostat Review

It’s inevitable as time marches forward that smart technology is going to make into more and more homes. If you’re a general contractor, offering options like the Bosch Connected Control Thermostat is a nice touch that makes that remodel or new construction feel that much more professionally built.

Let’s face it – how many times have you left for work or vacation only to realize that there is no one home to enjoy your 72° living space in the middle of summer? It’s a costly mistake with an easy fix, and Bosch makes it even easier.


Cool Comfort From Anywhere

This sleek little number from Bosch sells itself by presenting an all-in-one control for heating and cooling systems. You can program it using either the 5″ touchscreen or the Bosch Connected Control app via a smartphone or tablet. Compatible with most 24Vac HVAC equipment and utilizing WiFi connectivity, the Bosch Connected Comfort thermostat can be accessed from anywhere that you are.

Bosch Connected Control Thermostat Review

Bosch Connected Control App

The app allows users to remotely control all of the thermostat’s settings. Coming home from a hard day and want to make sure the house doesn’t feel like a sauna when you walk in the door? Just hop on the app and dial the temperature down. By the time you get home, everything should be just right.

Bosch Connected Control Thermostat Review

That’s really the best part of the whole system – you don’t need to connect to your home’s wi-fi to control the settings once your initial setup is complete. As long as your thermostat has a connection to your home wi-fi, the app will work from anywhere you have a signal. Left for work with the air at a comfortable 72° in the middle of summer? No problem, just bump it up on the app when you get to work.


Perhaps you don’t care to spend your time on the phone messing around with the thermostat every time it needs an adjustment. You can program the Bosch Connected Control thermostat to do its own dirty work. It can even save you money by automatically turning itself on and off, maintaining an energy-efficient temperature while you’re away.

For normal life, I have mine set to maintain certain ranges. You can set a range for the thermostat to maintain in Auto mode so you don’t have to do anything no matter what season it is. Here’s what I did:

Bosch Connected Control Thermostat Review

  • 7:15 am – 8:30 am: maintain 70° – 78°
  • 8:30 am – 5:00 pm: maintain 65° – 82°
  • 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm: maintain 70° to 78°
  • 10:00 pm – 7:15 am: maintain 68° – 74°

If the inside temperature drops below my low number, the heat kicks on and it automatically cools if it gets warmer than my top number. I have a different set of temperatures in the program for Saturday and Sunday. There’s also a completely separate Vacation mode that I customized as well.

For you high-tech folks out there working with other “smart” home devices, the Bosch Connected Control thermostat is compatible with Amazon Alexa. This makes talking to your thermostat an entirely viable option. Just don’t show the kids – it can get awfully annoying when they think it’s funny to turn the heat on and it’s already 80° inside.


Bosch even thought to include a feature that allows the thermostat to access your local weather forecasts. Gleaning information from, the system auto-updates itself every couple of hours so you know what to expect when you leave the automated comfort of your own home.


Installation and setup are easy for the most part. In just a few steps, you can install the Bosch Connected Control thermostat yourself with some basic electrical knowledge. Bosch not only includes instructions and wiring labels, they provide some helpful “how to” videos on their website as well. You will need to make sure that you’re working with a C-Wire, and it wouldn’t hurt to double-check that your HVAC system is compatible with this new thermostat, but the chances are pretty good that this thermostat will work for you.

Bosch Connected Control Thermostat Review

Pro Tip: Turn your breaker off before starting the installation. When you get the old thermostat off, tape a pencil or plastic pen to the wires to they don’t fall behind the wall. That’s a headache you don’t want!

I only ran into one hiccup during installation. I checked my HVAC unit’s wiring diagram and matched it up with the appropriate one in the manual. When I flipped the breaker back on, I got hot air instead of cold. I needed to switch the default heat pump settings in the thermostat. It was a simple fix, but just be aware that there are some settings you may need to change for your specific setup.

Bosch Connected Control Thermostat Review


If you’re not 100% confident in the installation, it should be an easy job for any HVAC Pro. If you’re like us and know one, just put a 6-pack of Blue Moon in the fridge and a couple of steaks on the grill. By the time you’re done grilling and the beer is cold, he’ll be done with the install and ready to watch the game with you. In fact, he might beat you tot he couch. The same method also works with knowledgeable neighbors.

One thing that it’s missing is a motion sensor like you see on some Nest devices. With a lower price, it’s a feature I’m happy to let go.


The Bottom Line

The Bosch Connected Control System is a welcome addition to my home. Once you get through the installation, it’s easy to use and customize with the app. There will be a learning curve as you dial in the customization and various settings, but it’s an incredibly convenient device to have set up in your home.

Bosch Connected Control Thermostat Features

  • Saves system settings so there is no need to reprogram after a power outage
  • Wi-Fi control available from your smartphone, tablet or laptop on both the iOS and Android platforms with the free App
  • Full color 5 in. display touchscreen auto schedules and learns the best temperature for your house to automate comfort
  • Saves energy and money by automatically turning itself on and off to maintain temperature while away from home
  • 7-day scheduling with intuitive quick access comfort settings make programming simple
  • Precise temperature control with customizable sensitivity ranges, optional fan delay, cycling preferences and run times
  • Child-lock and over-ride functionality to maintain control of the system at all times

Bosch Connected Control Thermostat Specs

  • Model Number: Bosch BCC100
  • Pixels: 854 x 480
  • C-Wire Required: Yes
  • Supports: Rh and Rc Transformer Systems
  • Relays: G,Y1, Y2, W1, W2, O/B, H/dH
  • FCC and IC Certified: Yes
  • WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n): 2.4GHz
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • MSRP: $169.99

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