Dust-Free Circular Saw Blades for Foam Board?

CenterFire Circular Saw Blade

Bullet Tools certainly got my attention when they told us about their new Dust-Free CenterFire Foam Circular Saw Blades for worm drives and table saws. The Hayden, Idaho based company has developed a solution for cutting EPS, XPS, and ISO with 95% reduction in dust and results that are factory smooth.

After identifying the need at last year’s ICAA show, Bullet spent the next year developing the blade.  According to Ben Toews, company President and CEO, “We introduced the dust-free Magnum Shut-N-Cut for compressing and cutting batts quickly and easily without dulling blades and we saw an obvious need for cutting foam sheets without producing static, clingy dust and a big messy clean-up.”  (And to be completely off topic with any other hockey fans out there, I am also wondering if Ben is any relation to the Chicago Blackhawk’s Jonathan Toews!)

So how do they achieve dust-free cutting in this innovative circular saw blade? The CenterFire features a specially designed cooling void that enable it to slice through foam sheets and ICF with no static, clinging dust, or irritating odor. If you’ve ever dealt with foam board cutting, that should raise your eyebrows!

Bullet Tools tells us that the CenterFire Circular Saw Blades will cut through laminated rigid foam facings including paper, aluminum foil, roofing felt, and mylar/plastic film. It is tested to cut roughly 25,000 feet before sharpening is required.

The CenterFire comes in two sizes – 10″ (MSRP  $89.95) for table saws and 7-1/4″ (MSRP $59.95) for worm drives. Bullet does caution that attempting to cut through foam boards thicker than 1″ with the smaller blade will likely result in bog down. The larger blade includes a SpeedSpacer to be used along the fence and prevent binding.

For more information, check out Bullet Tools’ website or take a look at the video below.

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