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Our power tool buying guides let you research, shop and compare products. You can see our recommendations for the best power tools or even check out our tool shootouts. That’s where we compare dozens of the latest and greatest power tools, hand tools, and pneumatic air tools. We also rate and provide recommendations for hot products in our tool gift guides. Practical Tool Buying Guides We’re frequently asked the question: Which tool should I buy? It doesn’t matter if it’s an 18V cordless hammer drill18V impact driver, or a 7-1/4″ cordless circular saw. People want to know who makes the best tool. They frequently ask: Which are going to perform the best? We’ve assembled some tool buying guides, gift guides, and helpful tool comparison grids to make the process of choosing the best tool an easier one. Check out the tool guides below, and learn which tools present the most torque, the highest cutting or driving speeds, and the best values in the industry. For those interested in understanding who provides the best value, performance, and features, our power tool buying guides are the perfect place to start.

Sears Black Friday Door Busters

Sears Black Friday Door Busters

Sears has almost 50 pages of deals for this black Friday that covers everything the store offers. Of course we are only really interested in what the Craftsman Tool Department has in store. We scoured over the advertisement and came up with the following list of tools that we think are the best of the best in what they have to offer for all you early morning Black Friday shoppers. And they don’t call them door buster for no reason either, with doors that will open at 4AM, we expect folks to be lined up well before then to try to score on some of these things.

Home Depot has over 140 different deals for Black Friday

Home Depot has over 140 different deals for Black Friday

The doors to home depot will open at 6AM on Friday, November 27th. With the slow economy, it looks like Home Depot is rolling out some pretty good deals to help jump start the holiday season, or as I like to think of it, a way to prepare me for future projects. What this means guys, is that while your wife is lining up at the crack of dawn to get that deal over at some other store that will open 6 hours before sunrise. You can saunter out of bed at a fairly reasonable hour; make it over to your local Home Depot and still score. And guys, remember, it does not mater how much you spend, it maters how much you save. See, I have caught on to my wives way of doing it. “look honey, I saved us hundreds with the deals I got today….”

Oscillating Multi-Tool Shootout Comparison

Since the patent expired on Fein’s MultiMaster oscillating tool, hordes of manufacturers have thrown in with their own brand of multi-tool to see if they might offer a better value, higher performance, or more helpful feature set. So which one is best? We didn’t know – so we got a hold of them all to test them out and see for ourselves. After reviewing no less than six multi-tools (nearly all of the available products on the market in fact), we have drawn several helpful conclusions on which oscillating tools perform the best and which you might want to avoid. While no single tool can be declared the winner, we try to offer helpful suggestions that show which tools cater to particular needs. These needs include build quality (ruggedness), ease of use, performance and value. We’ll examine each of these throughout this multi-tool comparison shoot-out.

Tom Gaige's Tool Kit

Tom Gaige’s Tool Kit

Thomas Gaige currently lives in coastal South Carolina. Since he was a youngster he always liked working with his hands and building things. With his well equipped shop he has tackled projects like restoring a classic BMW, building furniture, automotive bodywork, rebuilding a fiberglass boat, swapping out car engines, cabinet building and a host of other things. He believes that choosing the right tool is as critical as the final product you are trying to achieve. If you are properly equipped, with both your tools and knowledge about your project, then you too can repair and build like a pro and that is what Pro Tool Reviews is all about.

Clint DeBoer power tools

Clint DeBoer Power Tools and Hand Tools of Choice

This is a list of my preferred power tools. You may not agree with all my selections, but I feel they represent a good balance between budget and performance for the remodeler who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty in projects involving framing, siding, electrical, and interior work.