Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Our cordless vacuum reviews include 12V and 18V models for large and small job site pickup duties. These range from handheld vacs to 1 gallon and 3 gallon battery powered models. While larger dust extractors on the market have yet to go cordless, some 2 gallon vacs fill that capacity in a pinch. As battery packs improve, look for newer cordless vacuums to offer higher run-time and capacity. Jobsite Cordless Vacuum Reviews We’ve reviewed everything from the Milwaukee M18 cordless wet/dry vacuum to the Hoover Air cordless upright. That last one won’t do much on the jobsite, but why should all the cool tools stay at work? The DeWalt DCV581H 20V wet/dry vac also proved to be a great small vacuum for the workshop or garage. In our cordless vacuum reviews, we look for how rugged the tool is. We take into account its ease of use. We also ensure that it has good suction and easy filter cleaning and replacement. Lastly, a good small cordless vac functions conveniently in a variety of environments.