October 18, 2021

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Dust Extractor Reviews

With the onslaught of new OSHA regulations on dust control, dust extractor reviews are important. How do you find the best jobsite dust extractor? How about the best woodworking dust extractor? We help you with Pro-focused dust extraction reviews that break it down. Our Pros outline features, build quality, portability, and suction power. We also cover dust collectors and chip collectors as well as products with and without HEPA filtration. The importance of good jobsite dust control cannot be stated enough. Dust Extractor Reviews for Pros Our dust extractor reviews cover everything from general dust extractor vacuum shootout to specific reviews. We’ve covered woodworking models like the Festool CT 36 BC Cleantex and the popular DeWalt HEPA vacuum DWV012. Suction, features, and control provide the keys to a good dust extractor. Finally, if you think you can get by without dust extraction or a jobsite HEPA vacuum, that ship has sailed. OSHA regulations make these tools more mandatory than ever, particularly for interior and exterior renovation.

Milwaukee Hammervac

Milwaukee Hammervac M12 Universal Dust Extractor Preview

Because of increased crackdowns on air quality regulations and added awareness as to the dangers of dust inhalation in the workplace, dust extraction is becoming a “need” now more than a “nice to have” feature. Seeing this, and having received tons of industry feedback, Milwaukee set to work on a solution that would work, not only with their own cordless rotary hammers, but any current SDS-Plus model used in the industry today. That’s how the M12 Hammervac Universal Dust Extractor was born. Current systems use hoses and vacuums or have a corded system that only works with a single hammer. For those all-in-one solutions that are on the market – well, they work pretty well, but they also tie the vacuum feature to a single tool (even within a manufacturer, making you buy several systems for each type of rotary hammer you use). The design goal with the Hammervac was to truly kill all the cords, and also make a system that was actually universal.

Festool CT 48 E AC Dust Extractor

Festool CT 48 E AC Dust Extractor

Festool Dust Extractor Supplies HEPA Filtration and AutoClean Functionality The Festool CT 48 E AC Dust Extractor brings larger HEPA filtration and an automatic cleaning mechanism to remodeling and woodworking applications. This 12.7-gallon extractor is designed to capture high volumes of dust with peak suction at all times to help maintain a clean jobsite. Clean […]

Review9.8(out of 10)
iQ Power Tools iQ426HEPA Cyclonic Dust Extractor

iQ Power Tools iQ426HEPA Cyclonic Dust Extractor Review

Dust extraction makes for a key component to nearly any commercial construction job. Recently, we witnessed the full renovation and remodeling of a downtown brewery into a modern-day food hall. Nearly the entire space required polishing of the concrete floors using a commercial floor grinder. That kind of grinding requires plenty of suction—not to mention […]

Makita VC4210 Dust Extractor

Makita 11-Gallon Dust Extractor VC4210L

Makita Upgrades Dust Extractor Form Factor and Gets a Power Boost The Makita AWS Large Capacity Dust Extractor is coming soon and has some significant upgrades from the VC4710. It has a new form factor and gets a power boost for starters. Powerful, Lightweight, and Quiet   Makita’s 12-amp motor generates 148 CFM of suction […]

iQ Cyclonic Dust Extractor iQ 426 HEPA

iQ Debuts Cyclonic HEPA Dust Extraction at GIE with a 2019 Pro Tool Innovation Award iQ Power Tools knows how to deal with dust. In fact, it’s been one of their big claims to fame. Between masonry saws, power cutters, tile saws, and more, the iQ lineup specializes in keeping the amount of breathable dust […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
Bosch Bulldog Rotary Hammer GBH18V-26DN

Bosch Bulldog Rotary Hammer Review with Dust Extractor GBH18V-26DN

The Bosch Bulldog 1-Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer with Dust Extractor can make the company’s stalwart concrete tool OSHA compliant through objective data while keeping it cordless. That’s great news. Silica dust is deadly and dragging out a corded dust extractor is a pain in the neck. The Bosch GDE18V-26DN SDS-plus Bulldog Dust Extractor turns any […]

Review8.0(out of 10)
DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max Dust Extractor

DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max Dust Extractor Review

The DeWalt FlexVolt 60V Max Dust Extractor (DCV585B) makes Table 1 compliance easily portable. Plus, Wireless Tool Control means you can activate the vacuum without having to touch the actual dust extractor. We took it along for drilling anchor holes in block, grinding out a bathroom remodel, and other construction drilling tasks. Pros OSHA Table […]

Review9.2(out of 10)

Makita Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum XCV11

There’s a new Makita cordless wet/dry vacuum that’s coming on the scene as part of their 18V LXT lineup. Here’s the skinny: Table 1 Ready One of the big questions we get with every new vacuum is whether or not it’s Table 1 compliant. The short answer is that this Makita cordless wet/dry vac is. […]

Review9.5(out of 10)

Bosch 300 CFM Dust Extractor GAS20-17AH

The new Bosch 300 CFM dust extractor is coming and the major talking point is, well, it’s a 300 CFM dust extractor with automatic filter cleaning! Suction power at this level opens the door to a couple of possibilities you won’t approach with a standard vacuum. Pros 300 CFM lets you run two 6″ grinders […]

best portable shop vac Makita backpack

Makita AWS-Ready HEPA Backpack Vacuum XCV10ZX

The Makita AWS-Ready HEPA Backpack Vacuum is the brand’s newest portable vac offering for the cordless jobsite. Makita intends for this vac to bridge the gap between smaller onboard dust extraction and larger, less-mobile, wheeled, canister-style job site vacuums. What’s The Big Deal? By running off of two 5.0Ah LXT lithium-ion batteries, the Makita backpack […]