March 2, 2021

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Hammer Drill vs Impact Driver Hands-On Testing Video Review

Hammer Drill Vs Impact Driver Thursday Throwdown!

For this Thursday Throwdown, we’re looking at things a little differently. Using Metabo HPT’s MultiVolt hammer drill and MultiVolt Triple Hammer impact driver, we’re going to see how effectively you can do all of your drilling and driving with just one tool or the other. In our hammer drill vs impact driver competition, we’ll look at driving speeds, drilling speeds, and the attributes of each tool.

The big takeaway for us is that drills have the capability of fastening more quickly than impact drivers in the right applications and impact drivers are far more capable at drilling than you might think.

We still prefer having both tools, with the majority of fastening be done by an impact driver and the majority of drilling going to the hammer drill. If you absolutely have to pick just one, grab a hammer drill for its wider range of accessory compatibility.

Our conclusions are somewhat relative, though. If we used a compact hammer drill instead of a heavy-duty model, some of the results would change. It’s something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a hammer drill that’s on the lighter side.

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