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So I wanted to post a follow-up on this. I bought a set of these for my go bag tool bag. I usually carry a cheaper drill, impact driver, recip saw and flash light from my 18v tool set in this bag as well as a decent assortment of hand tools to do 95% of the handyman style jobs I do on the go. This bag usually rides in the trunk of my car, and is the standard goto bag when something needs to get done thats not a larger construction or wood working project. I figured that these having… Read more »


So, heres the question. How do these compare to some other commonly used drill bits? IE the dewalt pilot point bits?


Yea granger is way overpriced in my opinion to

Love the reviews keep them coming!!


Thanks for the review. Sadly ACME doesn’t carry the Cobalt Red Helix set at all, just a few individual bits. Grainger does and it’s $75.