February 26, 2021

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Milwaukee MX FUEL Carry-On 1800W Power Supply Inverter

Milwaukee MX FUEL Power Supply

Have the occasional need for portable power on the job site? The Milwaukee MX FUEL Carry-On 3600W/1800W Power Supply (MXF002-2XC) provides 1800W of sustained power anywhere you need it. The battery-powered MX FUEL inverter handles 3600W of peak power but remains one of the most compact inverters we’ve seen.

So is this battery-powered inverter right for your business?

What are the MX FUEL Inverter Features?

The MX FUEL Carry-on (MXF002-2XC) runs off either one or two Milwaukee MX FUEL batteries. We can’t guarantee what you plug into it will be quiet, but the inverter won’t contribute much noise. It also charges up to two MX FUEL batteries when connected to a 120V outlet. You can use the included charging cable or a standard extension cord.

The Milwaukee MX FUEL generator recharges compact MX FUEL CP203 3Ah batteries in just 45 minutes. The extended-run MX FUEL XC406 battery takes 90 minutes to recharge.

Milwaukee also made this a pure sine wave inverter. In general, because they have less THD (total harmonic distortion), pure sine wave inverters will let variable-speed motors run cooler and more efficiently. They also produce less interference with LED and fluorescent lighting as well as any sensitive electronics.

MXF002-2XC dual 120V outlets

The Milwaukee Carry-on power supply features two 15A 120V outlets and battery level indicators for each MX FUEL pack. You can use either one or two packs. The output power will be the same—you just increase your potential runtime when powering tools and devices.

Milwaukee Tool also placed inset screw mounts, letting you place an M18/M12 hybrid charger right onto the Carry-on inverter.

charging batteries in the field

How Long Will the Milwaukee MXF002-2XC Run?

This Milwaukee MX FUEL inverter packs a lot of watt-hours when maxed out. With two MX FUEL XC406 extended run battery packs, you get 864 Wh (Watt-hours) of power.

You’ll get tons of run-time when charging batteries (onboard or external). You also will go for hours and hours running fans, operating smaller tools, or powering up anything not requiring tons of power. This inverter marks an interesting tool in the Milwaukee MX FUEL equipment lineup that lets you use corded tools alongside cordless.

Milwaukee MX FUEL Power Supply corded tool

But what about real power tools? According to Milwaukee Tool, the onboard 120V outlet will deliver up to 1,210 cuts in 2×4 using a 15-amp circular saw.

That’s a lot of cuts.

Put another way, the folks at Milwaukee cooked 40 meals in a 1000W microwave. Our guess is that it equates to around 40 minutes of cooking on High. That may sound silly, but who’s laughing when you’re eating a real meal on your lunch break while recharging your tool batteries!

Milwaukee MX FUEL Carry-On 1000W microwave

Who is the Milwaukee MX FUEL Carry-on Inverter For?

Clearly, Milwaukee Tool doesn’t view the Carry-on inverter as a match for full-size 2500W and above gas generators. The real match would be something similar to a Honda EB2800I generator or equivalent.

You want this inverter if you’re a) already on the MX FUEL tool platform, and b) find yourself frequently in need of 15A power. This tool won’t appeal to those on a budget. If, however, you can bill it to the job and/or it can help raise your productivity (i.e. make you more money) then it sells itself.

Milwaukee MX FUEL power supply

Having the Milwaukee Tool 2-year warranty doesn’t hurt, and we think this might just be the tip of the iceberg for portable battery power.

Milwaukee MX FUEL Power Supply Details & Specs

  • Power output: 1800W (continuous), 3600W (starting)
  • Power supply: One or two MX FUEL batteries
  • Output: 2 x 120V AC (15A rated)
  • Charges MX FUEL batteries (via charge cord or extension cord)
  • Single or dual battery operation
  • Milwaukee One-Key tool tracking and management
  • Remote lockout feature
  • Pushbutton start
  • Independent battery level LED gauges (4-bar)
  • Milwaukee M12/M18 battery charger screw mounting points
  • Ground fault isolated
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 15 x 12 x 20.8 in.
  • Weight: 49.7 lbs.
  • Kit price: $2,199 (includes two (2) XC406 battery packs)
  • Includes: MX Fuel Carry-on Power Supply (MXF002-2XC), (2) MX Fuel RedLithium XC406 battery packs (MXFXC406), detachable charger cord

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NYC Citizen

cons, no solar input, no vehicle charge input. run time at high power levels will be short. there is an m18 version at the patent office. if the m18 version is pure sine wave, im in to buy one. if not pure sine wave, next option is a 36V pure sine inverter and 2 M18 batteries. I have a box of m18 8.0 and 12.0’s from all the buy this get that sale this season.


How does this compare with the EGO NEXUS?

Big Richard

Comparing this to DeWalt’s awesome DCB1800, I like that this is a pure sine wave and has two outlets, but I would much rather it was M18 vs MX Fuel. With two of the larger XC406 batteries you get 864Wh, but you can get the same 864Wh with 4 x M18 12.0Ah packs (you can get the same with DeWalt and their 12.0 packs). Maybe an M18 version is on the horizon? Milwaukee was the king of “Everything Fits”, now they are making a tool that a lot of people have been asking for, but it is on an entirely… Read more »

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