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Festool Mobile Workshop Spotted in Europe!

One of the fun things we do from time to time is looking at what our friends in Europe are getting from the same brands that sell in the US. Europe is often ahead of us in some areas, so it’s a glimpse at what might be coming our way. This time, it’s the Festool Mobile Workshop. Well, technically, it’s the Mobile Werkstatt, but Workshop is what that translates to from German.


It’s a pretty ingenious idea, really. The foundation is a rolling base that holds Systainers and has a couple of shelves with adjustable heights. The pegboard-looking piece on the back folds out to create a workbench. Those holes are the same as what you see on Festool’s MFT Multifunction Table series for their clamping kits.

The Festool Mobile Workshop is ideal for a mobile Pro since it lets you carry everything you need in one setup. Of course, items like your Kapex miter saw and CT dust extractor are still going to have to roll in separately, but it’s a nice system to keep your smaller gear organized and easy to transport.

The basic setup starts around 475 euros (no table) for a basic setup through 790 euros for the full setup. That converts to roughly $550 – $920 in our currency. Of course, there’s no guarantee that we’ll get our version of the Festool Werkstatt or that the pricing structure will be the same.


Festool Mobile Workshop MW 1000 Official Video (German)

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I hope the festool is paying Timothy Wilmots a commission for coming up with this design. I love festool and have over $15,000 in their stuff but Timothy came up with that set up and he’s been selling plans for it for a long time now. He must not have a patented