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Tanos Systainer Customization Makes a Statement

Tanos Systainer Customization

There are a lot of Tanos Systainer options available (52 different ones!) and it’s a lot of fun to work out the best combination to meet your needs. But did you know there are ways you can take it further with Tanos Systainer customization?

Exterior Tanos Systainer Customization

If you use or have been around Systainers much, you’re probably familiar with the light-colored main box with a blue or green handle. That’s just a start, though, and you can order them in different colors.

Love the Florida Gators? Order blue boxes with an orange handle and T-loc or vice versa. Or maybe you’re a Manchester United fan. Go with a red and black combination.

Okay, so maybe customizing your favorite team colors isn’t what most of you are after. However, getting colors to match your business logo or to stand out so you know which Systainers are yours are definite possibilities. You can even just switch to different T-locs to differentiate boxes for different types of tools or gear.

Take a look at the top left and right of the front faces of Systainers. Those sections are perfect for adding a customized sticker or card with your business logo on one side and a label for what’s inside on the other. In fact, they happen to be the perfect width to insert a business card into.

Depending on the quantity you need to order, you can do even more. Check out this custom Systainer with the Shaper logo.

Customizing the Inside of a Tanos Systainer

Now that you have the look you want, let’s dive deeper inside your Tanos Systainer customization options.

For starters, Tanos has foam inserts for Systainer tops and bottoms. By adding the thickness you need, you can turn your bulk storage into a box that’s appropriate for your sensitive testers and meters.

You can also custom design inserts so that specific tools or toolsets fit in exactly the way you want. Even if you don’t need a custom design, there are standard inserts Tanos has already developed that you can choose from.

Tanos even offers additional services to package your products into Systainers, label them, and ship them!

Get In Touch With Your Dealer

The absolute best way to get the customized look and internal design you want for your Tanos Systainers is to work with your local dealer and determine what they can do for your business. Click here to see which ones are the more convenient for you!

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