September 21, 2021

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Milwaukee MaxBite Locking Pliers with Torque Lock

Milwaukee MaxBite Locking Pliers

Milwaukee MaxBite Locking Pliers Set to Expand Torque Lock Offerings

Milwaukee MaxBite Locking Pliers are coming soon as either traditional locking pliers or with a rubber overmold. At 7″ and 10″ sizes, all four models will feature Milwaukee’s Torque Lock adjustment system. The Torque Lock adjustable screw is a flattened out ring that makes thumb adjustments a bit easier while allowing users to employ a screwdriver to really torque down the tool once set.

“As we spent time on the jobsite investigating this category, we found that many users were modifying their locking tools by welding a loop on the back end of the thumb screw. This created a way to setup their tool faster and produce the necessary holding force with a screwdriver. Inspired by this inventive user modification, our TORQUE LOCK Locking Tools feature a thumb screw with a more convenient geometry for hand force and a unique screwdriver through-hole design to produce maximum locking force.”

– Ryan Schwoegler, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool

The new Milwaukee MaxBite Locking Pliers offer hardened jaws and a chrome plated forged alloy steel. These properties ensure the hand tool has more gripping power on jobsite material, and durability and rust protection. The MaxBite Jaw is specifically designed to optimized pressure points on pipe and hex bolts. You’ll notice the jaw forms more of a diamond shape than the curve found on traditional models.

The 10″ Milwaukee MaxBite Locking Pliers with Torque Lock was a winner for PTR’s annual Hand Tools Innovation Awards in the Lcoking Pliers category. Here’s what we had to say:

Pro Tool Innovation Awards 2015 Winner

“It was love at first sight when we met Milwaukee’s Torque Lock lineup and we’re happy to see the expansion and continued innovation with the MaxBite Curved Jaw Pliers. The new MaxBite feature really helps the grip on pliers of this size, especially on round pipe. Of course, the Torque Lock adjustment screw is still a favorite around here for getting an even greater grip after locking the MaxBite down.”

– Kenny Koehler, Pro Tool Reviews Managing Editor

Milwaukee Torque Lock Pliers – MaxBite Gripped available this April 2016

Milwaukee MaxBite Locking Pliers with Torque Lock are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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