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Werner LeanSafe Ladder

Werner LeanSafe Ladder Loves a Good Stud to Lean On

You take your chances when you try to lean a standard stepladder against a wall, stud, pole, or corner. But the new Werner LeanSafe ladder laughs at these obstacles to your productivity. With its corner hugging design and no-mar pad, you don’t need to risk your neck trying to get the job done.

10-Second Summary

  • Designed to lean against walls, studs, poles, and corners or stand alone as an A-frame ladder
  • Single latch locks the rear to the front rail to keep the ladder in leaning mode
  • Non-conductive fiberglass side rails
  • 300 lb load capacity
  • Available in 4’–12′ heights (8’–16′ reach)
  • $109.99–$299.99


Werner LeanSafe Features

If you take a look at the design at the head of the LeanSafe, you’ll notice the main talking point surrounding this ladder. Werner uses a rubber no-mar pad along the face of the head, as well as a padded cut-out, that allows you to lean the ladder against finished walls, inside and outside corners, poles, and studs.

Werner LeanSafe Ladder


This isn’t just a leaning ladder—it’s also an A-frame. What makes it work both ways is moving the pivot point below the top so only the no-mar padding touches the wall when you lean into a corner and there’s no brace in the way when you lean into a stud.

Additional Features

AWerner LeanSafe Ladderdding to the overall security features, Werner fits this ladder with their Edge 360 footpads. These curved, no-mar pads maximize the surface contact with the ground, leading to a more stable laddering experience.


Werner has uses 7 layers of non-conductive fiberglass for the rails and full aluminum bracing. Every step is knee braced, and the Werner LeanSafe has rear horizontal braces every 12″. A dropped rail pivot point also adds to the overall stability.

It has a 300 lb max load capacity, so even a big guy with his gear can safely climb.

Final Thoughts

This isn’t the first wall- and stud-hugging ladder we’ve seen recently, but we appreciate the design because it’s really helpful around studs and corners. It’s kind of a wonder that this design wasn’t old-hat 20 years ago—it seems like a no-brainer.


Werner LeanSafe Ladder Options

  • 4′ L6204:$109.99
    • Stepladder Mode: 1′-8″ max standing height, 8′-4″ max reach height
    • Leaning Mode: 10″ max standing height, 7′-3″ max reach height
  • 6′ L6206:$134.99
    • Stepladder Mode: 3′-10″ max standing height, 10′ max reach height
    • Leaning mode: 2′-10″ max standing height, 9′ max reach height
  • 8′ L6208: Check on Amazon
    • Stepladder Mode: 5′-9″ max standing height, 12′ max reach height
    • Leaning Mode: 4′-9″ max standing height, 11′ max reach height
  • 10′ L6210:$249.99
    • Stepladder Mode: 7′-8″ max standing height, 14′ max reach height
    • Leaning Mode: 6′-8″ max standing height, 13′ max reach height
  • 12′ L6212: Check on Amazon
    • Stepladder Mode: 9′-7″ max standing height, 16′ max reach height
    • Leaning Mode: 8′-7″ max standing height, 15′ max reach height

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