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Milwaukee Contractors Bit Kit 81pc

Milwaukee makes some excellent tools (just look at their Milwaukee M18 FUEL tools), and their bit sets are no slouch either. Getting a hold of a contractor pack of 81 bits for under $20 is a find that no serious cordless drill-toting tool guy should pass up. You get 19 titanium-coated drill bits and a whole suite of Philips, flat, Torx and nut driving bits to make you equipped for just about any job – or replenish your worn out bits with some new, durable replacements. Note, these aren’t impact-rated bits so you’ll want to buy the Milwaukee Shockwave bits for impact-rated performance on metal.


We’re big fans of titanium-coated drill bits. They tend to work longer if not abused, and they resist rusting and lower the heat generated through a slightly lower coefficient of friction. The included 20 pc assortment puck with magnetic case is a nice touch. It comes with a magnetic drive guide with retracting sleeve to reduce fastener slipping and wobble. This works well with smaller screws and in general it’s a good addition to any bit set. Both the drive guide and up to 21 bits fit into the puck, so it’s convenient to toss into any tool bag when you’re heading to the job site. The case is magnetic, so you can keep one slapped up against a tool chest when you’re working out of your garage or home.

Milwaukee contractors drill bits

Milwaukee contractors drill bits

Tech Note: S2 steel, which is what is used in these bits, is hard steel that is also less ductile, more costly, and far more prone to shattering than some other steel bits. This means that the tip will resist deforming, and may instead break or shear over time.

This Milwaukee contractors bit kit is a great all around bit set and if you just picked up a quality cordless drill/driver then you can do little better than to complement it with a nice starter set like this. If you find that your bits are getting trashed and you could use a good assortment of replacements, this set delivers with a nice case, magnetic puck and two magnetic drive guides. It’s hard to pass this up at this price and Milwaukee makes a set that is good enough for the novice as well as the professional.

Milwaukee Contractors Bit Kit Included Bit Sizes:

  • (19) 1/16″-3/8″ drill bits
  • (3) 1/4″-3/8″ magnetic nut drivers
  • (4) P-1 1″
  • (15) P-2 1″
  • (5)P-3 1″
  • (2) Sq-1 1″
  • (6)Sq-2 1″
  • (2)Sq-3 1″
  • (2) 6-8 1″ slotted
  • (2) 8-10 1″ slotted
  • (6) T15-T25 1″,
  • (2) P1 2″ power
  • (3) P2 2″ power
  • (2) P3 2″ power
  • (1) Sq-1 2″ power,
  • (2) Sq-2 2″ power
  • (1) Sq-3 2″ power
  • (3) T15-T25 2″ power

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