Bosch 12V Edge Router: Compact Routing for Pros Router Reviews

Bosch 12V Edge Router: Compact Routing for Pros

Bosch has recently expanded their 12V line of tools – good news for users that like the design of products like the FlexiClick multi-head driver. What interesting about the latest launches is that they’re not tools you expect to see on a 12V battery platform. Today’s case in point is the new Bosch 12V Edge Router.

Let’s look take a tour through what you can expect and see where this compact router fits in the grand scheme of things.


Brushless Motor

If you’re going to make a cordless router, especially on the 12V platform, you have to take advantage of a brushless motor. Bosch checks that box.

Brushed Vs. Brushless Motors: What’s the Difference?

Physical Design

Designing a cordless router like the Bosch 12V Edge Router begins with the question of how to position the battery and motor. With 18V systems, sliding the pack on top of the router is the best bet. 12V isn’t much different, but with a stick pack battery instead of slide, there’s a little more wiggle room. Bosch brings their battery in at an angle to the front of the motor, giving it an odd look compared to the other options out there.

Bosch 12V Edge Router: Compact Routing for Pros

It’s the placement that allows you to keep your hand closer to the cutting edge and wrap your fingers around the front, giving you control as you pull the router across the grain. Rubber overmold helps maintain your grip and offers some comfort.

With my medium size hands, I’m able to use the router pretty comfortably. However, it’s right on the edge of being too large for a comfortable grip. When you get in a pinch and need a little more control, the battery housing sticking up makes for the perfect place to add a second hand.

Accessory Changes and Depth Adjustment

You’ll need an included wrench to change router bits. To lock the collet, just pull the red bar above it out. You may have to rotate the collet a little until you find the right placement.

Bosch 12V Edge Router: Compact Routing for Pros

Depth changes are pretty simple. A button on the left side releases base for rough depth setting the thumb wheel just below it gives you fine adjustments. On the right side, a twist of the knob locks the base at the depth you set.


To set a clear expectation, this isn’t a DIY router or something designed to do what your corded or 18V routers can do with a shorter runtime. This is a palm router or edge router. With 13,000 RPM to work with, it’s well under what you see from trim routers, including on the cordless side.

As long as you’re using the router for light edge routing and trimming, it’s not going to be a problem. I ran the router through some tests with a 1/4″ x 1/2″ beading bit and a 22° x 3/8″ bevel bit and am impressed with the confidence the motor delivers. The key to getting the best performance from the Bosch 12V router is to take your time, especially in hardwood, and let the motor do the work.


Expect this one to retail for right at $129.00 as a bare tool. It’s starting to make its way to online retailers now, though it’s not terribly widespread just yet.


The Bottom Line

The Bosch 12V Edge Router is an excellent solution for wrapping up trimming and edging, especially for job site carpenters. When you produce most of the build at the shop and have to make some slight tweaks during installation on site, it’s a huge help to bring out this 2.2-pound router and leave your corded trim router in the truck or back at the shop.

Bosch 12V Edge Router Features

  • Ergonomic 12V Max palm edge router construction – delivers light, well-balanced design, cordless convenience and EC Brushless power and runtime for hassle-free edge routing
  • Compact, offset design – weighing only 2.2 Lbs. (tool only, not including battery), this cordless router allows easy handling because most of the tool and its gripping areas are positioned over the workpiece for maximum stability when edge-forming and trimming
  • EC Brushless motor – provides efficient power, with a maximum 13,000 rpm and up to 23 Ft. of round-over capacity per battery Amp hour
  • Versatile depth-adjustment system – ensures precise fine depth adjustment (0.04 In. per dial revolution) and easy macro depth adjustment
  • Depth adjustment lock – helps prevent tampering with depth setting
  • Easy-change spindle lock – provides easy one-wrench bit changes
  • Drop-detection sensor – stops the motor if the tool is dropped
  • Finger barriers – helps prevent contact with the bit area
  • Constant speed circuitry – monitors and maintains speed under load for consistent performance
  • Restart protection – helps prevent accidental startup when switching batteries

Bosch 12V Edge Router Specifications

  • Model: Bosch GKF12V-25N
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Max. RPM: 13,000 RPM
  • Height: 8.5″
  • Length: 5.7″
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs.
  • Width: 3.1″
  • Dust Collection: No
  • Includes:  1/4″ self-releasing collet chuck, forged collet chuck wrench
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
  • Price: $129.00

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