Cordless Drill Reviews & Impact Drivers
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Everette Brown

I have recently had to purchase a hammer drill, and have upgraded from B&D unfortunately. I have never had a problem with the B&D products, just wanted a change. I decided to go with the Hart line from Walmart as the price point was good, the tools looked sharp, and the batteries would swap from tool to tool. However, there was not a Hammer drill in the mix. I went to Harbor Freight, found their three lines of power tools, good, better, best, so i opted on the Best which was the Hercules line. what i was unaware of was… Read more »

Mr. Zippy

Specs are great, but you didn’t actually give it an extended test run did you?
and compare those results to other drills from the same extended test run?
beat the living crap out of it.


I’m a carpenter for a major GC in my area, and anyone in the trades today knows that a carpenter doesn’t just play with wood any more. Day in and day out of tapcons, anchor bolts, 3″ self tappers and drilling steel doorframe has taught me that my Hercules Hammer drill and the Impact driver are a good deal. I have 250 dollars invested in the hammer drill, impact, two chargers and three 2.5 ah batteries. Included in that price is the 1 year no questions asked replacement warranty, which absolutely means ” in 11months, take it out and run… Read more »


I am a plumber, installing new boilers and power vented WH, and so on. I bought one of HF Chicago Tools cordless, yup cheap it was, could not hold a charge, could not drill a 4″ hole through plywood, 2×6 rim joist to save it’s life. I bought the Hercules and it does the work that I ask of it, every day it gets used, driving 3″ Sammy lags, hole saws, you name it. I’ve owned Makita, dewalt, Millwakee, and have borrowed Ridgid, and other big named cordless drills, and after 6 months of daily use, I can’t complain. I… Read more »


Not for nothing but it’s more along the lines of a 90 return period all the power Tools’s and such have warranties you can buy additionally and I’ve had zero issues granted I’m not using it as a professional or anything and the “throw away took” aspect is rough I have issues with warranties everywhere except there but again not a pro tool guy