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30 Comments on "What’s Up With the Harbor Freight Hercules 20V Drill?"

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This guy does a very thorough review, teardown, and benchmarks on the drill. In short, the specs are lies, the build quality is poor, and the warranty is 90 days. DeWalt is in a completely different ballpark.


In fact, not at all cheaper. Devalt can be bought at discounts cheaper. Plus with brushless motor, which has a greater torque. You can also get Devolt with two batteries. I can not say that Hercules is a bad drill. I bought this and used it for professional work more 3 months. Even accidentally fell from a height and the drill works fine. But will live 3 years? If there is an extra $ 100 you can try. What about Devolt? This is a proven and well-established reliable brand.

Ed H.

I have found the Dewalt for $100 walking in to Lowes and have 2 of them now.
Why on earth would I buy this instead for more money?


Not long ago I read something about a Harbor Freight lawsuit regarding that advertising practice “Compare At…” How I think they get away with it is that the “compare” reference is to a similar item (ie cement mixer without reference to quality). I actually looked at one of those there and it didn’t look like it would handle mixing pancakes! Wouldn’t buy it. But yes a similar- well made mixer- would sell for their “compare” price. I have bought certain “throw away” tools there but that’s all I expect. 90 day warranty- that’s a joke!

Here’s my issue with this. Harbor Freight is new to the scene with drills that can compare with the big boys and they choose to compare their newest offering to a 5 year old DeWalt model. The Hercules and Bauer brands they offer haven’t earned a reputation of their own by enduring the test of time to prove they belong in the same discussion as brands like DeWalt who have but they want to claim they “beat” DeWalt right off the shelf. For all we know they could have mass failures in a year or 2. The 90 day warranty… Read more »

Oh they are earning a reputation alright. Not the good kind tho, More like the cocky just out of school 22 year old who tells the interviewer”your chair” when asked where he sees himself in 5 years.

Beats dewalt my ass. Dewalt has more than 3 tools for sale. Beats hercules, dewalt has a track record on their batteries, beats herculese.

Walmart Hyper Tough costs the same as drillmaster usually, but has a 2 year warranty, hercy has 90 days.. Hyper Tough BEATS Hercules

That being said, sometimes they are accurate and their tools have improved in many places. For instance, I’d put the earthquake impact tools up against any other that is even vaguely in the same price point. Mine have removed half a dozen engines, changed tires hundreds of times, redone suspensions, ect. It works great. They are hit and miss occasionally, but if they take the 20% coupons for this, it would be an $80 drill. I wouldn’t bite at this price for something that is going to see abuse by me without a year or two behind it but I’d… Read more »
Ken A.

They don’t compare at all… the specs on the box are artificial and this article being written without actually using the tool is worthless for anyone looking to buy one. Nothing he really said can’t be seen on the box for the drill… but it did cause me to check out the comments and see what everyone else is saying