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Metabo Power-Up Grinders For Metal and Concrete

Metabo Ramps Up Grinder Power For Tough Jobs

Metabo launched a new grinder line specifically for metalworking and concrete jobs. The Metabo Power-Up Grinders have more power to match the demand that metal and concrete bring, along with builds that the brand has tailored to particular tasks in these fields.

10-Second Summary

  • Metabo Power-Up Grinders include 11 metalworking and 3 masonry models
  • Metalworking grinders range from 4-1/2 to 6 in.
  • These produce higher RPMs and include a slip clutch
  • Quick wheel change system
  • 5-inch masonry grinders include variable-speed model, tuck-point model, and cutting/scoring model


A New Daily Grind

Eleven new grinders, ranging from 4-1/2 in. to 6 in., make up the Metabo Power-Up metalworking Grinder lineup. They produce higher RPMs, and they include an S-automatic safety slip clutch and a tool-free quick wheel change system. Some models also include a 2-second fast brake and secure tethering point.

The metalworking Metabo Power-Up Grinders target weld cleaning and removal, pipefitting, fabrication, shipbuilding, and beveling. Cutting bars, rods, and bolts also fall well within these tools’ wheelhouse.

Next, Metabo has three new Power-Up Grinders specific to the masonry field.  These include a 5-inch Variable Speed Grinder, 5-inch Tuck-Point Set (also available as a bare tool), and a 5 in. Masonry Cutting/Scoring Tool with Guide Rollers.

These grinders tackle the harsh environment and demanding applications specific to stonework. The Variable Speed Grinder has a no-load speed between 2,800-9,600 RPM and operates at 14.5 amps. The 12-amp Tuck-Point Grinder has a no-load speed of 9,600 RPM and seems perfect for quick removal of mortar joints and reporting. The 12-amp Masonry Cutting/Scoring Tool includes guide rollers for precise cuts up to 1/1-16 in. deep. It has a no-load speed of 9,600 RPM. All of these models can attach to a HEPA vac for OSHA compliance.


Keep an Eye Out

We’ve yet to receive hard and fast information about when the Metabo Power-Up Grinders will hit the shelves, but we expect them any day now. For more information about the Metabo brand, visit the website by clicking here.

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