Quick Headers Masonry & Concrete Tool Reviews

Quick Headers Offer Time and Cost Savings

Speed Up Construction With These Removeable Masonry Forms

If you’ve found that the cost of using traditional wood frames is affecting your bottom line when setting blocks over a window or door opening, check out Quick Headers. These professionally engineered, structurally sound, reusable steel support beams will not only save you money on materials and labor, but they’ll leave clean, true openings for any down line trades.

10-Second Summary

  • Quick Headers are temporary, removable support beams that masons can use to brick over window and door openings
  • Installs in under two minutes
  • Eliminates lumber waste and labor costs
  • Eliminates work interruptions
  • Safe, reusable steel form
  • Clean, consistent finished openings
  • Wide laying surface for blocks
  • Spans 2′ to 60′ openings in minutes
  • Provides easy access for job equipment


What Are Quick Headers and How Do They Work?

Quick Headers

Quick Headers are temporary, removable support beams that eliminate the need to build wood bucks for setting bricks or blocks over a window or door opening.

They work by placing the head tab on the top course of your block. After you level it out and place props every six feet, you can continue to block over the top of the opening. After the concrete has cured, you tap back the retractable tray and remove the Quick Header. What you’re left with is a clean, finished opening without having to stomach the high cost and waste that comes with using lumber.

They install in under two minutes, saving you time and work interruptions. With Quick Headers, you don’t need to stop what you’re doing to build out a lumber frame. The steel forms are reusable as well, providing a greener approach to construction.

They’re available in sizes that start at 18″. The company has a variety of sizes that can be extended to virtually any length. The post shores, which also offer adjustable heights, are available up to 39′ in height. Strategic, flexible prop placement allows for access openings for large equipment, which often presents a challenge for wood post shores.

Cost Comparison

Quick Headers’ website gives a helpful pricing comparison between their product and traditional wood and labor costs. The company estimates that building wood bucks for thirty 10′ x 8′ openings will run you around $4500 when accounting for material, labor, time spent sorting wood, and work interruption costs.

By contrast, using Quick Headers for the same thirty 10′ x 8′ openings, by company’s calculations, will run you around $1050 for ten day’s rental of the appropriate equipment.


Pricing Structure

Quick Headers Rentals

  • 1’6″—2’6″ Lengths:  $2 per day
  • 3’—11′ Lengths: $3 per day
  • 12’—19′ Lengths: $4 per day
  • 20’—26′ Lengths: $5 per day

Props Rentals

  • #150 – 2’0”-7’0” Height: $.50 per day
  • #300 – 5’4”-10’6” Height: $.50 per day
  • #350 – 6’2”-11’6” Height: $.50 per day
  • #550 – 9’0”-11’6” Height: $1.00 per day
  • #B4 – 14’0”-23’6” Height: $1.50 per day
  • #B5 – 22’0”-39’0” Height: $2.00 per day

You can visit the Quick Headers Team at the upcoming World of Concrete Event in Las Vegas from February 4th to 7th. Or, you can learn more by clicking here to visit their website.

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