June 18, 2021

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Updated ANSI Cut Resistance Standards

ANSI Cut Resistance Standards Updated

We recently received a very helpful graphic to go along with the new ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 cut resistance standards from our friends at Magid. Cut resistance standards have caused confusion in the past because they can differ between countries and testing methods. Time will tell if these new standards eliminate the confusion, but for now they do look more intuitive. Cuts to the hands and arms are a common and very preventable injury, so it’s important to select the right cut-resistant glove. We’ll cut to the chase with a summary of the old and updated ANSI cut resistance standards.

Out With The Old

The old standard had five levels that ranged from 200 grams to 3,500 grams to cut. The first four levels were equidistant but there was a large jump to the fifth level. The grams to cut were measured with either a cut protection performance tester (CPPT) or a tomodynamometer test machine (TDM).

Previous Cut Resistance Standards

  • Level 0: 199 grams or less
  • Level 1: 200 – 499 grams
  • Level 2: 500 – 999 grams
  • Level 3: 1000 – 1499 grams
  • Level 4: 1500 – 3499 grams
  • Level 5: 3500 grams or more
Updated ANSI Cut Resistance Standards
Updated ANSI Cut Resistance Standards

In With The Updated ANSI Cut Resistance Standards

The new standard subdivides the old Level 4 into three levels as well as Level 5 into three levels. That means the new standard has a total of 9 levels that make more sense. The grams to cut measure is also standardized using the tomodynamometer test machine (TDM). As with any new standard, some confusion is understandable. We encourage you to contact Magid with any questions.

The New Cut Resistance Standard

  • Level A1: 200 – 499 grams
  • Level A2: 500 – 999 grams
  • Level A3: 1000 – 1499 grams
  • Level A4: 1500- 2199 grams
  • Level A5: 2200 – 2999 grams
  • Level A6: 3000 – 3999 grams
  • Level A7: 4000 – 4999 grams
  • Level A8: 5000 – 5999 grams
  • Level A9: 6000 grams or more

We want you to stay safe on the jobsite site. If you’re a Pro and you have tips on cut-resistance gloves, add them in the comments below—or contact us with your own Pro tips.

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