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Wilton Multi-Purpose Vises for General Purpose Use

Wilton Redesigns and Expands Multi-Purpose Vise Line

Wilton has an 80-year history in designing practical and durable vises that have become a mainstay for American tradesmen. With the redesigned Multi-Purpose Vises, Wilton has taken a page from their own notebook. These vises now feature the design styling of the Tradesman Bullet Vise. And, having expanded into the 4-1/2″ and 6-1/2″ sizes, the Wilton Multi-Purpose Vises make for the perfect solution for light tradesmen, utility workers, maintenance and repair operations, and general-purpose contractors.

Durable Build

All of the redesigned Wilton Multi-Purpose Vises include 60,000 psi ductile iron bases. As a point of comparison, Wilton tells us that most multi-purpose vise bases are constructed using 30,000 psi gray cast iron. The Wilton bases bear twice the stress, making them far less susceptible to cracking or breaking under load. We use a pair of Wilton Tradesmen 1755 vises here in the shop with these same durable bases.

Wilton Multi-Purpose Vises

The Wilton multi-Purpose Vises feature factory-lubricated and enclosed spindles, The precision-machined jaws provide consistently smooth operation. Those aforementioned super-solid bases also swivel 360º, while the swiveling head can move in 30º increments for clamping materials at virtually any angle. Dual lockdowns on the base hold everything securely in place.

Wilton Multi-Purpose Vise

The Wilton Vises also come with anvils that have large striking surfaces for shaping and forming materials.

Sizes and Prices

Wilton 450P 4.5-inch Multi-Purpose Vise

The Wilton Multi-Purpose Vises now come in three sizes. The 450P 4-1/2″ Multi-Purpose Vise has a 4″ jaw opening with a 2-1/4″ throat depth. It weighs 21.3 lbs. and you can pick it up for $149.99.

Wilton 550P 5.5-inch Multi-Purpose Vise

The legacy model in the multi-purpose line, the 550P 5-1/2″ vise, gives you a 5″ jaw opening with a 2-3/4″ throat depth. It weighs 40 lbs, and it retails for $189.99.

Wilton 650P 6.5-inch Multi-Purpose Vise

Finally, the 650P 6-1/2″ Multi-Purpose Vise has a 6″ jaw opening with a throat depth of 3-1/4″. You can pick up this 58.4-lb. vise for around $285.97.

Wilton backs all of their vises with a Lifetime Warranty.

Wilton Multi-Purpose Vise Specs

Model Number450P550P650P
Description4-1/2″ Multi-Purpose Vise5-1/2″ Multi-Purpose Vise6-1/2″ Multi-Purpose Vise
Jaw Width4-1/2″5-1/2″6-1/2″
Jaw Opening4″5″6″
Throat Depth2-1/4″2-3/4″3-1/4″
Pipe Jaw Capacity1/4″ – 1-11/16″5/8″ – 2-1/4″5/8″ – 3″
Net Weight21.3 lbs.40 lbs.58.4 lbs.
WarrantyLifetime LimitedLimited LifetimeLimited Lifetime

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