Best Jigsaw Reviews 2024 – Corded and Cordless

Best Jigsaw Reviews

If you’re into woodworking, getting your hands on the best jigsaw is a big deal. But these curve-cutting saws have value outside the wood shop, too. They’re useful in carpentry, framing, fabrication, and even plenty of DIY projects. So, take a look through our list and see which one is the most helpful for the way you work.

Before we jump in, let’s briefly talk about power sources. We’re in an age where cordless jigsaws can easily outperform their corded counterparts, and we’re big on the convenience of not having a cord. That said, corded models offer an easier price tag, and in some cases, the most refined ergonomics and vibration control. Be sure to check out our buying guide below to help you decide what type of jigsaw is going to be the best for you.

Our Best Jigsaw Top Picks

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Best Cordless Jigsaw Overall

DeWalt 20V Max XR Brushless Jigsaw DCS334/DCS335

Best Cordless Jigsaw Overall

DeWalt 20V Max XR Brushless Jigsaw DCS334/DCS335

The selection for the best cordless jigsaw was tight, and DeWalt emerged as our top choice in the end. While it doesn’t cut as fast as Milwaukee and some of the others in our tests, it did a better job of managing blade deflection and its vibration control is excellent.

Ergonomically, it’s a sound design, with controls in easy reach during use. We also noticed that we seemed to have better control with DeWalt’s barrel grip version (DCS335) than others. While there are other viable contenders for the top spot, our team was the happiest with DeWalt’s overall experience.

Numbers to Know (based on the DCS334)

  • Speed: 0 – 3200 SPM
  • Stroke Length: 1 inch
  • Orbital Settings: 3 + off
  • Bare Weight: 4.7 pounds

DCS334 Price: $219 bare tool, $349 kit with a 5.0Ah battery and a charger
DCS335 Price: $219 bare tool, $408 kit with two 4.0Ah batteries and a charger

Best Corded Jigsaw Overall

Festool Carvex PS 420/PSB 420

Best Corded Jigsaw Overall

Festool Carvex PS 420/PSB 420

If an unlimited power supply is what you’re after, Festool’s Carvex is the best corded jigsaw you can get your hands on. It’s Festool’s system-focused thinking that sets this model apart. Its brushless motor reaches up to 3800 SPM for fast cutting while Triple Blade Guidance helps keep the blade stable during the toughest cuts and a splinter guard eliminates tear-out. Plus, there are swappable base plates to match your material, a well-designed dust collection, outstanding ergonomics, and several other features that culminate in a luxurious jigsawing experience.

Numbers to Know (Based on the PSB 420)

  • Speed: 1000 – 3800 SPM
  • Stroke Length: 1 inch
  • Orbital Settings: 3 + off
  • Weight: 4.2 pounds

PS 420 EQB-Plus Price: $445
PSB 420 EQB-Plus Price: $445

Best Jigsaw Cutting Speed

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Jigsaw 2737/2737B

Best Jigsaw Cutting Speed

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Jigsaw 2737/2737B

Using its PowerState brushless motor the Milwaukee M18 Fuel Jigsaw reaches speeds up to 3500 SPM and proved to be the fastest cutting under load in our tests. That’s a big deal when you’re cutting thick stock on the edge of the tool’s range. The one downside to all that speed is that there’s no variable speed dial on the top handle version, so you’ll need to feather the trigger when you’re cutting material that doesn’t need the highest speed available.

Numbers to Know

  • Speed: 0 – 3500 SPM
  • Stroke Length: 1 inch
  • Orbital Settings: 3 + off
  • Bare Weight: 4.9 pounds

2737 Price: $199 bare tool, $299 kit with a 5.0Ah battery and a charger
2737B Price: $199 bare tool

Best Jigsaw Accuracy and Control

Festool Carvex Series

Festool Carvex

For the best jigsaw accuracy and control, we recommend the Festool Carvex line. Packed with performance and features, it’s the Triple Blade Guidance system that we’re focusing on in this category. The Carvex’s ability to avoid drifting and deflecting is outstanding because of it, leading to higher accuracy in your cuts. In our opinion, it’s the barrel grip versions that offer the best control, but there are top handle models for those of you who prefer that design. Festool introduced cordless versions of both with the same performance level, so you can choose between running on AC power or a battery.

PS 420 Price: $445 (EQB-Plus)
PSB 420 Price: $445 (EQB-Plus)
PSC 420 Li 18 Price: $379 bare tool (EB-Basic), $535 kit (HPC 4,0 EBI-Plus)
PSCB 420 Li 18 Price: $379 bare tool (EB-Basic), $535 kit (HPC 4,0 EBI-Plus)

Best Jigsaw Vibration Control

Hilti Nuron 22V Top Handle SJD 6-22

Best Jigsaw Vibration Control

Hilti Nuron 22V Top Handle SJD 6-22

When it comes to the best vibration control on a jigsaw, Festool, Makita, or maybe Bosch would have been the early favorites, but it’s the Hilti Nuron jigsaw that had the lowest felt vibration in our tests. We didn’t take it apart to see what was going on inside, but the design team clearly worked some counterbalance magic under the hood. We tested the top handle SJD 6-22, and there’s also a barrel grip SJT 6-22 model available for the same price.

Numbers to Know

  • Speed: 0 – 3000 SPM
  • Stroke Length 1.1 inch
  • Orbital Settings: 3 + off
  • Bare Weight: 4.4 pounds

Price: $269 bare tool

Best Jigsaw for the Money

Bosch 7-Amp Top Handle JS470E

Bosch 7-Amp Top Handle JS470E

In our search for the best jigsaw for the money, we passed over several usual suspects when we saw the price tag on Bosch’s corded 7-amp JS470E. For $129, you get a Pro-grade jigsaw from a brand with a deep heritage in jigsaw development. Its 3100 SPM top speed is on par and it’s an ergonomically comfortable tool to use. While you can certainly spend more to get a premium jigsaw or go cordless, or spend less and deal with some significant trade-offs, we think Bosch’s balance of performance, design, and price is too good to pass up on this one.

Numbers to Know

  • Speed: 0 – 3100 SPM
  • Stroke Length 1 inch
  • Orbital Settings: 3 + off
  • Bare Weight: 5.6 pounds

Price: $129

Best Jigsaw for DIY Home Use

Skil 6-Amp Top Handle JS314901

Best Jigsaw for DIY Home Use

Skil 6-Amp Top Handle JS314901

There are a large number of DIY-focused jigsaws, and several can deliver quality results. Looking through what’s available, we like Skil’s corded 6-amp JS314901 as the best DIY jigsaw. While it’s not the least expensive you can get, its 6-amp motor offers better cutting performance than lower-powered models. Upping the value score, Skil packs a full suite of features to back it up, including orbital settings, tool-free blade changes and bevel adjustment, a diffused LED halo to light up your cutline, and a dust blower. For just under $50, it’s a value-packed jigsaw.

Numbers to Know

  • Speed: 800 – 3200 SPM
  • Stroke Length 7/8-inch
  • Orbital Settings: 3 + off
  • Bare Weight: 4.6 pounds

Price: $49.99

Best Jigsaw Blades

CMT Orange Tools Jigsaw Blades

CMT Orange Tools makes a wide range of quality jigsaw blades to cover almost anything you need to cut, including stainless steel and laminates. State-of-the-art machinery and manufacturing techniques ensure you’re buying a blade purpose-built for the material you’re cutting designed by people obsessed with making the best blade possible.

Bosch Jigsaw Blades

Bosch has been on the cutting edge of jigsaw development for a long time, including the T-shank jigsaw blade that’s so prevalent today. Their line of quality blades runs extremely deep and includes several specialty blades other manufacturers don’t make.

Best-Selling Jigsaws

Acme Tools

  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel Top Handle Bare Tool 2737-20: $199
  • DeWalt 20V Max XR Barrel Grip Bare Tool DCS335B: $219
  • Milwaukee M12 Fuel Barrel Grip Bare Tool 2545-20: $169


  • DeWalt 20V Max XR Top Handle Bare Tool DCS334B: $219
  • Skil 5-Amp Corded JS313101: $39.99
  • Denali by SKIL 20V Max Kit $69.99

Home Depot

  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel Top Handle Bare Tool 2737-20: $199
  • Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless Top Handle Bare Tool PBLJS01B: $129
  • Makita 18V LXT Top Handle Bare Tool XVJ04Z: $219


  • DeWalt 20V Max XR Top Handle Bare Tool DCS334B: $199
  • Black and Decker 4.5-Amp Corded BDEJS300C: $30.48
  • Craftsman V20 Top Handle Bare Tool CMCS600B: $89

More Recommendations from Brands We Trust

There are plenty of really good jigsaws out there, and most of the brands we trust make more than one. But if we had to pick just one from each lineup, the following models are the ones we’d go with.

Best Professional Jigsaw Models

Bosch 18V Brushless Connected Top Handle Jigsaw GST18V-60CN
A proven physical design matches with an upgraded brushless motor that provides true Pro-level performance with the features to match. Also available in a barrel grip (GST18V-60BCN).

Price: $209 bare tool

Flex 24V Brushless Top Handle Jigsaw FX2231
A Pro-level cordless option with high performance, variable speed selection, and a solid feature set that’s a serious contender for the top cordless jigsaw award. Also available in a barrel grip (FX2221).

Price: $199 bare tool

Kobalt 24V Brushless Top Handle Jigsaw KJS 324B-03
Dependable, high-value cordless option for Pros on a budget or who need a jigsaw for occasional use.

Price: $129 bare tool

Makita 18V LXT Brushless Top Handle Jigsaw XVJ04
Upgraded brushless jigsaw with variable speed selection, excellent vibration control, and a well-rounded feature set.

Price: $199 bare tool

Metabo HPT 36V Brushless Top Handle Jigsaw CJ36DAQ4
Top-tier Pro-level cordless model with high performance, a solid feature set, and the ability to run corded with an AC adapter.

Price: $169

Ridgid 18V Brushless Top Handle Jigsaw R86344B
Next generation brushless model with high performance and excellent feature set that costs less than premium models. Also available as a barrel grip (R86346B).

Price: $179 bare tool

Best Prosumer Jigsaw Models

Craftsman V20 Brushless RP Top Handle Jigsaw CMCS650
Full-featured jigsaw with upgraded brushless performance for serious DIYers that want higher performance without the Pro price tag.

Price: $129 bare tool

Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless Top Handle Jigsaw
High-performing brushless option with a thorough feature set that is more Pro than DIY.

Price: $129 bare tool

Skil PWRCore 12 Brushless Barrel Grip Jigsaw JS5833A-10
Though not as strong as the PWRCore 20 models, this 12V jigsaw’s weight and ergonomics make it an absolute joy to use while still benefiting from the performance and runtime of a brushless motor.

Price: $129 kit with a 2.0Ah battery and a charger

Best DIY Jigsaw Models for Home Use

Greenworks 24V Brushless Top Handle Jigsaw
Solid starter jigsaw for DIYers looking to go cordless with a well-rounded feature set, the performance of a brushless motor, and comfortable ergonomics.

Price: $89.99 bare tool, $139.99 kit with a 2.0Ah battery and a charger, $159.99 with a 4.0Ah battery and a charger

HART 20V Top Handle Jigsaw HPJS01B
Cordless model with a surprisingly rich feature set for the price that’s easy on your DIYI budget.

Price: $89 kit with a 1.5Ah battery and a charger

Masterforce 7-Amp Top Handle Jigsaw
A well-built corded jigsaw with a robust feature set and excellent performance with a motor that’s stronger than most DIY and Prosumer competitors.

Price: $89.88

What Are Jigsaws Used For?

Jigsaws use an up and down motion to cut, similar to the way a reciprocating saw does but with the blade perpendicular to the tool. Using blades with a relatively thin height, jigsaws are useful for cutting both straight and curved patterns in variety of materials. By drilling a starter hole for the blade, you can even cut patterns out of larger solid pieces for a variety of installations, such as sinks. With the right blade selection, you can cut wood, metal, plastic, laminate, masonry/concrete, and more.

Top Handle Vs Barrel Grip Jigsaw Handle

The top handle vs barrel grip jigsaw debate is similar to Mac vs PC—often, it’s simply a matter of what you learned on. There are some consequences to the designs, though.

Top handle jigsaws tend to be the better choice when you’re cutting one-handed. For jobsite carpenters and remodelers, you might have to secure the material with one hand and cut with the other. That’s the perfect scenario for the top handle jigsaw.

When you have the advantage of working with both hands on the saw, the lower hand position of a barrel grip design lends itself to better control when precision is critical. Barrel grip models are also more likely to include variable speed control and a lock-on switch.

Of course, your personal hand size can come into play as well. Top handle models tend to have thinner handles, favoring folks with smaller hands while the larger diameter of a barrel grip leans towards those with larger hands.

Either way, try both types before you buy. Many brands offer the same saw in both styles, so you’re not necessarily compromising to get the design you want.

Best Jigsaw Buying Guide – What We Look For


Performance is the number one characteristic we look for in a jigsaw. If you custom-build stair stringers, your saw better be able to cut 2x lumber effectively. As a woodworker, you need to cut hardwoods without burning your workpiece. A strong motor with a high SPM rating and variable speed selection (or at least a variable speed trigger) are key.

Brushless motors help with both cutting performance and runtime. If you do a lot of cutting and want to work without a cord attached, a brushless motor will make you more efficient in both your cutting and battery use.

Most modern jigsaws have a selectable orbital action. With each step up, it increases the amount of elliptical motion in the blade’s movement and makes for more aggressive cut. Be aware that some materials, such as metal, don’t benefit from orbital cutting, and that it leaves a rougher finish.

Accuracy, Control, and Deflection

Because a jigsaw’s primary job is cutting curves, being able to accurately follow your cutline is important. A big part of that is the design of the saw and how it holds the blade. Some saws do a better job of keeping the blade straight through your cuts without jumping the guide or deflecting in the material. You can also help yourself out by selecting a quality blade that’s the correct size for the curves you’re cutting.

All of the jigsaws we recommend are capable of cutting 2x material with no deflection. However, you may need to slow down with some of them. The best way to check your saw is to make a few cuts in scrap material and see how it reacts to different motions.

Consider the shoe’s throat length around blade as well. When you’re cutting close to the edge of your material, a narrower throat helps keep both sides of the shoe on it to stabilize the saw.


You can have the best control possible, but it won’t mean diddly if you can’t see your blade contact your cutline. Most jigsaws do a great job of keeping the blade area clear enough to see. LED lights and a cutline blower drastically improve your visibility.


Once you have performance, control, and visibility down, you can narrow your choices by selecting a jigsaw that has lower vibration. It’s especially noticeable on longer cuts or in production shops that do a lot of cutting throughout the day. Going with a low vibration model will make you feel like you’re fighting the saw less thanks to smoother operation.

Price and Value

Price has a huge bearing on your choice, and we all want to stay on budget. What the tool offers for the money is a large chunk of the value. Keep in mind the warranty—with some covering 5 years or even life, knowing you don’t have to buy a new saw if something happens is a big deal.

If you’re going cordless, see if the platform you’re considering has the other cordless tools you might want to add later.

Also, take a look at any jigsaws available on the battery platform you already have. By buying the bare tool (which is common when you’re adding a jigsaw), you can save a lot upfront. Of course, those kits are usually a high-value way to get some new batteries in your rotation over buying them individually.

Features That Can Make Using a Jigsaw Easier

  • Selectable orbital action
  • Variable speed selection
  • Automatic speed control
  • Soft start
  • Cutline blower
  • LED lights
  • Dust collection adapter
  • Tool-free bevel adjustments (or onboard tool storage if it’s not tool-free)
  • Housing-mounted blade release lever
  • No-mar base plate cover
  • Lock-on switch (standard on most barrel grip saws)

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