June 18, 2021

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Air Compressor Reviews

At Pro Tool Reviews our Pros have done countless air compressor reviews on the job site. We make sure to review tools in that environment so we can convey real-world results. Our air compressor reviews include both gas and electric models, and we review them with the appropriate pneumatic air tools. We want to test tools in the context the manufacturers intended. Air Compressor Reviews in the Field You might need an air compressor for a framing nailer or finish nailer. You could be a mechanic in need of a high capacity model for your automotive tools. We provide reviews of all model types. From Emglo to DeWalt, Bosch, and others, we review our compressors on the jobsite. It helps us know these tools can hold up for you as well as they did for us. Whether your interest lies in high capacity tank models or smaller hot dog or pancake models, we cover them in both gas and electric. We also test the features alongside performance metrics. We like to know whether they have a fast cycle time and if they can support more than one tool at a time.

Review8.5(out of 10)
Hitachi 8-Gallon Gas Powered Wheelbarrow Air Compressor

Hitachi 8-Gallon Gas Powered Wheelbarrow Air Compressor

Even though battery technology has cut the cord on many of my tools, there are a few pneumatic nailers that I still rely on quite often for roofing and framing. Large compressors like the new Hitachi 8-Gallon Gas Powered Wheelbarrow Air Compressor are the workhorse for many operations like mine using tools that require high […]

Hitachi 10-Gallon Reserve Air Tank

Hitachi 10-Gallon Reserve Air Tank

Hitachi Power Tools recently announced the horizontal-barrel Hitachi 10-Gallon Reserve Air Tank, its first to be ASME certified. Hitachi claims that the reserve air tank will ensure sufficient and constant air pressure for five nailers operating simultaneously 200 or more feet from the compressor. A large knob regulator can control the pressure for an individual nailer that requires […]

Review8.6(out of 10)
kobalt 120 volt tire inflator

Kobalt 120 Volt Tire Inflator Review

Tire inflators have graced store shelves since we can remember. Recently, however, features like digital LCD displays and automatic pressure gauges have improved these products. As recently as this year I’ve been using a DeWalt Quiet Trim compressor to top off the air in my tires. All that takes is a dual air chuck for the 1/4-inch NPT quick coupler […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Ridgid MobilAir 8-Gallon Air Compressor

Ridgid MobilAir 8-Gallon Gas Compressor

We’ve come a long way in the restoration of the Parker Street neighborhood of Lakeland, Florida, but gaps still exist in the infrastructure. Sometimes there’s no access to electricity in the homes we work on. Often the wiring is so poor before a rehab that a large tool would trip a breaker. For our framing and repair […]

Review9.3(out of 10)
HItachi EC99S Twin Stack Compressor

Hitachi EC99S Twin Stack Compressor Review

Hitachi is so well known for the quality of their nailers that you’d think compressors would be a natural part of their lineup. While there are several on the market, compressors aren’t the kind of product that you see come out every six months or a year like many cordless tools. When I learned that the […]

Jet Air Compressors

New Jet Air Compressors Announced

Choosing an air compressor for your shop can be an exercise in frustration. You need something that’s going to be reliable and deliver the kind of power you need to consistently produce outstanding results across a wide range of pneumatic tools. The new Jet air compressors offer a solution for Pros that demand that kind of […]

Rolair VT25BIG Featured Image

Rolair VT25BIG 2.5 HP Compressor Review

Purchasing your first air compressor is a rite of passage. It’s that important in your development as a man. Compressors open up a new world – pneumatic tools. From nailers to paint sprayers to filling your truck tires, it’s a big step forward. When you look at all of the styles, motor ratings, PSI, CFM, and […]

Senco PC0968 Featured

Senco PC0968 Air Compressor Review

I have tested the new Senco PC0968 Air Compressor for about a month now and must say that it is a great little compressor. Compressors are of two types, diaphragm and piston. The former is for light duty, low output situations. A good example is a 12-volt emergency compressor you carry in the car. It takes […]

DeWalt Quiet Trim Compressor

Heavy duty and quiet… not exactly two words you hear paired up in the description of an air compressor very often. DeWalt is changing that with its new DeWalt Heavy Duty 200 PSI Quiet Trim Compressor. Focusing in on the quiet side of the feature set, users will notice a significant increase in the ability […]

Review8.2(out of 10)
pneupower angled3

PneuPower ReCoiler Retractable Air Hose System Review

I get lots of product requests. Product managers and marketers email me all the time asking if we’d review their latest gizmo or gadget. When we got an email about their new PneuPower ReCoiler Retractable Air Hose Management system, however, I couldn’t help but take a good, hard look at what seemed to be one of […]