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Komptec Turanair Offers Legit Portable Air Compression


Looking for a quiet and portable option for running your pneumatic tools? Komptec, a southern Californian company that specializes in the manufacturing of air compressors, has released the Turanair Work Bottle. The Turanair provides a lightweight solution with a highly portable, 114 cubic inch, high-pressure air tank. It stores up to 4,500 PSI of air pressure which regulates 150 PSI through a two-stage regulator. Komptec has provided a portable air system that is refillable and which eliminates the need for CO2 cartridges. The Turanair Work Bottle is available now through the company website.

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About the Turanair


Think of the Komptec Turanair System like a smaller version of a scuba diver’s tank. It requires no batteries and uses no motors, unlike a compressor. The 114 cubic inch cylinder is lightweight and small enough to be toted around on your belt, which can be achieved through the included carry case.

The 4,500 PSI-rated, carbon fiber composite tank has an attached two-stage regulator. The high-pressure indicator gauge on the left measures the remaining air pressure in the tank. The low-pressure output gauge regulates outgoing air pressure. The user can adjust the outgoing air pressure by turning the output pressure adjustment knob located on the top of the unit.

The Turanair has a high flow rate of up to 475 liters per minute and securely attaches to your pneumatic tools by way of an included 6 ft. coiled air hose with lockable LPA coupling. The kit also includes a carrying case and retails for $1,095.00.


Final Thoughts

The first thing that will probably jump out at you with this product is the price. $1,095.00 for the whole setup is expensive, to be sure. It will be inconvenient to fill, though any diving shop or paintball store ought to be able to tackle that job relatively cheaply. If that’s what you’re thinking, the Turanair probably isn’t for you. Pros that already own a high-pressure compressor for filling will get the most benefit.

Once you get past these initial reservations, this looks like a convenient, portable, and capable option for supplying low-noise power to your pneumatic tools. It provides a safer and more consistent alternative to Co2 that will last longer. From internal tests, Komptec has some interesting runtime results. On the finish side, they get 1850 shots from an 18-gauge brad nailer. Their roofing nailer tests get between 400 and 600 shots while a big framer gets in the 300 range. Obviously, different nailers have different levels of air consumption, so it varies from model to model.

So who are the major beneficiaries? It’s the Pros that need to get the job done where dragging a compressor isn’t practical or possible. For the most part, that means working at height. But if you already have the compressor to fill the unit, there’s a pretty solid argument to make for trim guys to potentially eliminate the need for a portable compressor.

Komptec Turanair Specs

  • Model Number: K-150-114Turanair
  • 4500 psi, Dual-Stage Regulator for use with Komptec supplied cylinders.
  • Physical Size and Weight of the regulator with all fittings included: 5.25″ L x 2.25″ W x 3.50″ H, Weight 1.18 Lbs
  • Regulator: Fully Re-buildable (not a throwaway Regulator)
  • Input Pressure: 5000 psi maximum
  • Output Pressure: 0-150 PSI (+/- 10%).
  • High Pressure Fill Port: G 1/8 BSP female with Stainless Steel Quick Connect Coupling and Attached Protective Dust Cap
  • Low Pressure Output Port: G 1/4 Female BSP with Quick Connect Coupling
  • High and Low Pressure Gauges: 7/8” Gauges with Venting Polycarbonate Bezel Plated Brass Housing, 1/8-27 NPT Back Connection
  • Output Pressure Knob: Fine Adjustment for Precise Control (slight variances may occur)
  • Body: Lightweight Aluminum
  • Internal components: Durable Stainless Steel
  • O-Rings: Viton throughout Regulator for long service life
  • Regulator Thread (Connection to cylinder): 5/8-18 UNF 19mm L, O-Ring Seal, 14×1,8, NBR 90° and Safety Bleed Hole

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Grant Coull

Bought one years ago before turanair went out of business in florida was useful going in condos during season when they expect zero noise from construction but there are better options much cheaper too these days

Rob LeBlanc

$1100 for a portable, wearable, 4500 psi time bomb? Not to mention the cost and inconvenience to refill.
No thanks.

Ashley Helton

It’s getting close to the time that battery powered tools are going to make pneumatic obsolete.

Victor Heinrich

So…. I have a 4500psi bottle from paintball that cost $250 bucks. A better regulator, crappy air hose, and a carry pouch is worth an extra $850? I’m in!

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