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When you think of painting tool reviews you naturally come to airless sprayers. While that’s a core tool in this segment there are also drywall sanders, ladders, hoses, and other products. We checked out the Werner PD6210-4C fiberglass podium ladder as well as the Stanley Fatmax Professional Grade water hose. These tools help round out any painting professional’s tool set. Painting Tool Reviews for Pros We’ve covered tools like the Titan Impact 640 airless sprayer as well as materials like Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint. Cordless sprayers are also tested to see if they might serve well for fine finish work. As for airless sprayers, we test full systems as well as spray guns that claim to improve ergonomics on the job. As with any job that can interact with dangerous materials, lead paint topics will also fall under this category. Our painting tool reviews help you understand which tools are Pro and which are more consumer-based products.

painting a set behr premium plus ultra paint

Painting a Set with Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint

We recently had an opportunity to help out a local high school’s television department with a new set they were building. The television instructor for Kathleen High School has been a good friend of mine for many years. His students and program won Best in Show at last year’s county-wide high school TV awards program. In order to […]

Rolair VT25BIG Featured Image

Rolair VT25BIG 2.5 HP Compressor Review

Purchasing your first air compressor is a rite of passage. It’s that important in your development as a man. Compressors open up a new world – pneumatic tools. From nailers to paint sprayers to filling your truck tires, it’s a big step forward. When you look at all of the styles, motor ratings, PSI, CFM, and […]

Review7.6(out of 10)
Powerhorse 3000 PSI Pressure Washer Featured 2

Powerhorse 3000 PSI Pressure Washer (87035) Review

Pressure washers are a mainstay of property maintenance. The cost of hiring a contractor often leads homeowners and business owners alike to purchase their own units. Unfortunately, expectations often fall to disappointment when the unit they purchase falls short of the professional performance they thought they were bringing home. Northern Tool offers their Powerhorse 3000 […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Titan Impact 440 Featured Image

Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer Review

Titan Impact 440 Paint Sprayer Improves on Legendary Reliability Back in the day (like many DIYers with no professional understanding of paint or its application), when a room needed to be painted, I would head to the hardware store to procure whichever tools were the least expensive (read: cheap). After all, it was highly likely […]

USG Durock X2 Primer Sealer

USG Durock X2 Primer Sealer

USG Corporation and XL Brands have partnered to introduce USG Durock X2 Primer-Sealer. What’s new about this particular primer sealer is that it’s the first of its kind to give users a 10-year limited system warranty. Made to be used directly over USG Levelrock or USG Durock gypsum underlayments, USG Durock X2 primer sealer offers the 10-year warranty provided it’s used […]

Review7.8(out of 10)
SpeedStripper 400 Featured

SpeedStripper 400 IR Heater Review

Okay, I get it. We all know the first thing that popped into your mind when you saw the name SpeedStripper 400… No, it’s not actually a NASCAR race. Wait, that is what you were thinking, right? The SpeedStripper 400 IR heater and paint stripper is actually a heat gun replacement. I spent some time working […]


Kilz PRO-X 100 Series Interior Paint for Pros

We do a lot of painting around here. Not because we like it—we just know too many people who are either buying, selling, or transitioning houses…Right now, I happen to be one of those people. Because of this, a bargain in paint means a lot, and it certainly gets our attention. So the announcement of the new […]

Review8.7(out of 10)
Titan sprayer motor

Titan Impact 640 Electric Airless Sprayer Review

Last month I was able to review a new Briggs & Stratton pressure washer which, as a professional painter of 35 years, is something I use quite a bit. This month the folks at Pro Tool Reviews handed me the Titan Impact 640 airless sprayer—a tool with which I happen to be very familiar, having […]

Briggs & Stratton 3300 PSI Pressure Washer Review

Many of the tools we review at PTR end up being tested and used on inner-city work projects. This is because several of the writers are involved in Parker Street Ministries, a downtown non-profit organization focused on neighborhood revitalization and restoration. We also just enjoy being able to give back to the community. When we […]

Rockler Gallon-sized Mixing Mate Paint Can Lid Preview

Rockler has just introduced a larger, gallon-sized version of its original quart-sized Mixing Mate Paint Lid. The gallon-sized Mixing Mate is just a step up and has the same features of its smaller cousin, including the integrated mixing turbine and crank handle. We haven’t seen anything this convenient since the Back Butter Buddy. The Gallon-sized […]